Thando Nondlwana

By Thando Nondywana

News Reporter

Independent candidate Anele Mda wants to save SA

Independent candidate Anele Mda launches manifesto, criticises political parties' lack of solutions, promises inclusive economy.

There is no political party that has anything better to offer South Africans, according to independent candidate Anele Mda at the launch of her manifesto at the Constitutional Hill in Joburg yesterday.

Mda, who marked her return to the political arena as an independent candidate after a decade, is vying for a seat in the National Assembly with a 10-point manifesto to “resuscitate and reclaim the hope” of South Africans living on the margins of society.

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She said her manifesto was not a glossy document she intended as a “ticking box exercise” but a document of “commitment” to deliver realistic solutions to pressing issues faced by South Africans.

“It is not because I say so. It’s because they [political parties] demonstrate that. They have nothing to offer South Africa.

“Through coalitions, we’ve got to understand the extent of opposition movement and greed that drives political parties. All they’re concerned about is being able to play a chess game, like position themselves strategically to occupy positions of authority,” said Mda.

She undertook to establish regulations that would provide for internships and learnerships to all young people for two years. Mda also laid out an economic recovery plan that will focus on supporting small businesses and individual innovative ideas.

“I believe it is the necessary tool that will ensure we drive an inclusive economy that is transformed. Not just transformed, but that is archaeologically able to democratise the people we marginalise.

“We want to prioritise them and see them rising to the higher tier. We shouldn’t want to be wishy-washy because we’re scared the things we may say may offend.”

Mda promised to push for the introduction of new laws that would enhance the support and protection for survivors and victims’ of gender-based violence and femicide, including strengthened measures against perpetrators.

“The document resembles my commitment to save my country selflessly,” she said.

“We have identified key areas that plague communities and the harsh realities that are faced by so many South Africans.

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“I’ve got no doubt that many South Africans who will get it, will be able to resonate with the issues that I raised, and they’ll be able to see themselves reflected and represented about the issues I pronounce on and also the solutions I have proposed.”

Mda was an ANC member of parliament before joining its break-away Cope, which, in 2009, suspended and stripped her of her leadership of its youth wing.

She said her time away from politics allowed her to reflect, saying she was ready to return to parliament to bridge the gap between the people and government – which parties had failed to do.

“As an independent candidate, I want to ensure the voices of the people find expression, especially in strategic centres of authority and power, where their issues are supposed to be addressed and attended to,” said Mda.

She added that she would focus on strengthening law enforcement throughout the country to easily detect any questionable issues and conduct regular, comprehensive lifestyle audits of all members of the South African Police Service of all ranks to eliminate potential corruption.

She said she would also maintain immigration laws, border management and processing of asylum seekers.

“The problem with our politicians is that we have normalised not serving our country and once I get into the National Assembly, we will change how things have been done.”

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