Family of neighbour who raped child tease her, call her ‘meat’, says mother

'Outrageous': Magistrate berates Pretoria man sentenced to life imprisonment for repeatedly raping a seven-year-old girl.

The fact that you wanted to have sexual relations with a person that is 40 years younger is outrageous; this is what we refer to as “chicken murder”.

These were the words of Magistrate Moloto Moloto at the Pretoria Magistrate’s Court yesterday when he sentenced Peter Molale, 50, to life imprisonment for repeatedly raping a 7-year-old girl.

Molale often took the child, who lived less than 100m from his Mamelodi West home, and raped her in his house. At the time, Molale was 47 years old.

The court heard how the little girl went to play with a friend in Molale’s yard but was called into a room by the convicted rapist.

He taped her mouth closed and repeatedly raped her. Afterwards, he offered her money to buy a bunny chow.

“This child lost her will to live for money for a bunny chow. There is no reason why you did it and you did this knowing it is a child. There is a difference of 40 years between you and the child. If one had to look at the age, it is outrageous. The difference of 40 years doesn’t make one a partner,” Moloto said.

Reading from the victim impact report, compiled by social workers who analysed the now 9-year-old child, Moloto said the girl had trouble sleeping and would sometimes wet her bed.

“The victim impact report says she suffered sleep disturbances and cried and screamed in her sleep. She also wets her bed, and is aggressive and violent while playing with other children.”

The Grade 3 pupil lacks concentration at school and suffers from anxiety, isolation, distrust and nightmares.

Molale’s family also threatens her whenever she walks past their house.

Her mother said she was pleased with the harsh sentence but would report the convict’s family for harassing her child.

“When she goes to school, Molale’s sister teases her and refers to her as ‘meat’. However, I am happy with this sentence. I won’t see this man again. My children can now go to school without any fear and this is an example to others in our community to learn to respect children and women.”



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