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20 Oct 2021
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Daily hacks: Nail growing tips and tricks that everyone should know

Lerato Maimela

In our 'Daily hacks' series, we bring you the latest beauty tips, trends and tricks to transform your life and save you money.

Clean manicured nails. Picture: iStock

Pampering yourself and getting your nails done is one of the best self-love and self-care practices which have been done for many years.

Manicures can be beneficial to the health of your nails, but certain manicures can ruin your nails and nail beds, depending on the chemicals and products which have been used in the process.

With these nail care tips and tricks, you can fix your ruined and damaged nails and get them back to their healthiest and strongest state.

Fixing a broken nail

Breaking a nail can be very easy, especially if you use your nails on a daily basis to pick at things or try to open things.

Breaking a nail most times means having to cut your nails and starting your growth process from scratch, and this can be very demotivating if your goal is to grow lengthy nails.

Angela has shared her tips and hacks on how to fix a broken nail without having to cut it and lose the length of your nail.

She begins by putting glue all over the area where the nail has broken, and then places a piece she cut out from a teabag onto the affected area of the nail.

She then holds the teabag in place until the glue has completely dried up, and then uses her buffer to smooth out the nail and the glue on the affected area.

She then repeats the whole process once more, to ensure that there are two layers of glue and teabag on the affected nail, to repair the broken nail.

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Growing your nails

Getting your desired nail length can be quite impossible, especially if you have the habit of biting your nails or cutting them every single time they crack or break.

Growing your nails can also be demotivating if you generally struggle to grow long nails, or have to wait months on end to see a noticeable and desired difference in the length of your nails.

The Dazzeleemclean TikTok page has shared an easy hack on how to grow your nails at a much faster pace.

In the video, the user pours warm water into a bowl, and then adds olive oil, lemon juice, and some table salt.

They then soak their nails into the mixture for 30 minutes, and suggest that this process should be repeated every few days to see results in a few days.

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Keeping your nails strong and healthy

One of the main reasons that your nails tend to break and get damaged easily is because they may be weak and brittle, making it very hard for them to grow or stay long for a long period.

Lara Sabeh has taken to TikTok to share her tip and trick on how to get your nails to be stronger and much healthier.

In the video she shared, she starts off by crushing garlic. Shen then adds the crushed garlic into an empty nail polish bottle, and then adds some olive oil to the garlic in the nail polish bottle.

She suggests that the oil should be applied before going to bed, and it should be massaged on your nails and on your cuticles for a few minutes.

This two-ingredient nail oil also promotes nail growth.

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