Shiraz Habbib
1 minute read
27 Feb 2018
9:07 am

KZN mom narrowly escapes rock throwing on M4

Shiraz Habbib

The incident occurred at about midday on Monday on the M4.

An uMhlanga mother has warned other motorists using the M4, between the La Lucia and uMhlanga off-ramps, to be vigilant after she narrowly missed becoming a victim of a rock-throwing incident.

The Izinga Ridge resident, who wanted to remain anonymous, was travelling in a northerly direction on Monday around lunchtime when the incident occurred, North Glen News reports.

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“It was on the M4 just as the two lanes converge into one. I was driving towards uMhlanga when I saw a large brown object thrown from the opposite side of the freeway. I thought initially it was a coconut because it was brown, but as it landed, both I and the driver on the opposite side swerved to avoid the object.

“It was only then that I noticed it was a rock. I couldn’t see anyone because the vegetation was so thick. The rock was the size of a smaller soccer ball, and if anyone hit the rock it could cause serious damage to their vehicles. I’m grateful there wasn’t an accident, as both me and the other driver swerved. I would like to warn residents driving in the vicinity to be vigilant and be wary,” she said.

She added she would be opening an incident report at the Durban North SAPS to make them aware.

There have been more than six rock throwing incidents, one of which resulted in the tragic deaths of Amina Haffejee, 16, and her brother Abdur Raheem, 7, who died when a boulder struck the windscreen of the car they were travelling in on the N2 last year.

Alarming twist to KZN ‘rock throwing’ on M4

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