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20 Sep 2021
10:06 am

Injured dog rescued from middle of Hartbeespoort Dam

Citizen Reporter

A dog somehow ended up with a head wound in the middle of the dam on Friday.

Snowball has since been rescued by the Hartbeespoort Animal Welfare Society, and is recovering from her ordeal. Picture: NSRI

It is still not known how a dog found her way to the middle of Hartbeespoort Dam on Friday, but her rescue was nothing short of miraculous. 

On Friday afternoon, the mutt was seen by multiple bystanders in visible trouble, paddling from Mariner’s Village towards Pecanwood.

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Caxton publication Kormorant reported the dog was first spotted by a woman while it was struggling to get out of the dam at the village.

When the woman tried to approach the dog, it started swimming towards the middle of the dam.

Quick-thinking eyewitnesses called National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) crew members on duty at the dam, and the Sealegs craft was swiftly launched. 

While making its way towards the dog, an unidentified bystander on a jet ski also tried to assist her. 

The dog was then assisted to shore, where two Kosmos residents quickly warmed it up with blankets, and started the process of rehydrating the exhausted animal. 

After recovering on the shores of the dam, the dog was taken to the Hartbeespoort Animal Welfare Society (HAWS) – which was also at the scene – where she will regain her strength. 

The HAWS is also trying to trace the owners of the dog. 

The animal welfare centre told Kormorant the dog suffered a head injury and was very scared of people. 

HAWS has since named her Snowball. 

Although she was eating, it is not known what happened to her, or how she ended up injured and in the middle of the dam.

Anyone able to assist HAWS with donations can contact the facility on 076-455-0322.

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