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Citizen Reporter
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6 Oct 2021
5:30 pm

PICS: Goats responsible for three-car collision in Durban

Citizen Reporter

This story contains photos that may upset sensitive readers.

Goats blamed for three-car collision in Durban. Picture - Rusa.

A trip of goats attempting to cross the usually bustling R102 between Ottawa and Verulam caused a three-car pile-up.

A passing motorist reported the collision.

Goats blamed for three-car collision in Durban. Picture RUSA.

Members of local private security company Reaction Unit South Africa (Rusa) responded to the call.

“Upon arrival, Reaction Officers found that three light motor vehicles had collided while attempting to avoid two adult goats and a kid,” said Rusa’s spokesperson Prem Balram.

Goats blamed for three-car collision in Durban. Picture Rusa

The kid was killed in the accident.

Paramedics requested help from the NSPCA to assist with the two Injured adult goats.

The goats had ropes around their necks that tangled while they tried to cross the busy highway.

(Warning sensitive content)

Kid goat dies after the three-vehicle collision. Picture Rusa

Rusa members are currently tracking down the owners of the goats.

No drivers were injured.

In the past few weeks, several animals were seen trying to cross the highway. Motorists driving at high speeds have veered off the three-lane road in an attempt to avoid them.

Animal owners are being urged to watch over their herds grazing near the highways after a cow caused an accident on the same route near Coniston.

R102 northbound in Verulam.

(Compiled by Narissa Subramoney)

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