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Henbase Lodge denies cover up allegations in Willem Kruger’s death

The Henbase Lodge issued a statement release regarding Willem Kruger's investigation.

Mpumalanga’s Henbase Lodge has denied allegations of a cover up in the mysterious death of 29-year-old Groblersdal farmer Willem Kruger.

Kruger’s remains were found in his van which was submerged in shallow waters in the Vaal River on 20 November, after attending his friend’s bachelor party at the Henbase Lodge just over a week before.

Henbase distances itself from cover up allegations

The Lodge admitted that it did not respond to questions from Afrikaans publication Die Rapport, because they were fully cooperating with the police’s investigation.

“Unfortunately, Henbase cannot respond to every allegation on social media platforms and other reports that are not substantiated by facts,” reads the statement.

Henbase Lodge said it made the company-owned tractor available when authorities recovered Kruger’s Toyota Hilux bakkie from the river.

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“Henbase Lodge remains committed to honesty and transparency and will not at any time be involved in any cover-up or bribery, and unfortunately cannot respond to sensational reporting,” it further stated.

“There is sympathy with the family of Willem Kruger on his death and as such we remain committed to the truth and will answer all questions from the necessary, relevant authority structures and provide statements as necessary.”

Henbase Lodge is continuing with normal business operations and says it will not respond any further out of respect for their guests.

Henbase Lodge full statement

Statement – Facebook

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Rumours about Kruger’s death swirl on social media

According to the report, investigators are stumped on a few elements of the case, including the placement of the bakkie keys.

The keys were recovered from the vehicle floor while the bakkie’s handbrake was on with the gear lever in park mode.

Investigators also believe the extent of the damage to Kruger’s Hilux did not correspond with the amount of time the bakkie was supposedly submerged underwater; in other words, the damage to the bakkie was minimal.

There were also no signs of a struggle of drowning inside the vehicle that would typically take place if Kruger had accidentally driven into the water, as theorised.

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The bakkie and his body were not recovered during the initial six-day search, during which hundreds of people scoured the shoreline and traversed the Vaal River with water ponies and dinghies. Police divers searched underwater, while helicopters conducted an aerial search using sophisticated MONA and electromagnetic technology, including a drone used by mines to do prospecting work.

The search had to be put on hold the following weekend to host a wedding at the lodge.

The bakkie was found nine days later, just under the water’s surface, in the same place experienced divers had previously covered during the early days of the search.

An unexplained cartridge case for a handgun was also discovered in the parking lot of the bar area.

The bakkie, belonging to another partygoer Janneman Uys, was reportedly confiscated by police.

The motive for the attack and cover-up is still unclear.

Kruger’s father denies cover up allegations

In a Middleberg Oberserver report, Kruger’s father – Tian ​​said on Tuesday morning that the allegations made in the Sunday newspaper, “do not come from us”.

He did not want to elaborate on the investigation, but said that they just want to “get the truth” about his son’s death.

Translated from Afrikaans and compiled by Narissa Subramoney.

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