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Please leave Blade alone, pleads Ndlozi

The people's bae says the jokes about the former higher education and training minister must cease now.

EFF national spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi has finally decided to take matters into his own hands and plead to South Africans on behalf on former higher education and training minister Blade Nzimande.

Since his axing last week, social media users have not given the man a break, creating memes making fun of his unexpected sacking by President Jacob Zuma.

Though some felt sorry for him, following a video of him sobbing while handing over the ministry folder at a briefing, others said it was karma for publicly saying student must fall during the Fees Must Fall protests.

His laugh at the time had now turned into tears, they said.

Even EFF leader Julius Malema took a jab at the former minister following his sacking, saying he supported the president’s move.

“He can start doing the right thing. Even if I was Zuma, I would have fired all those communists. Why do you fight with me and want to serve in my Cabinet? They go around saying all the wrong things, but still take his salary. He dealt with them today. If they want to stay in parliament, fair enough, because that is another terrain to fight corruption.

“They never say anything anti-corruption in Cabinet. We have Cabinet minutes. They agree to everything.

“He must man up and join us in the street. That is hypocrisy. You were just an eater. The only thing that has grown is your tummy. Stop eating and driving expensive cars bought with people’s money,” said Malema at the time.

But now Ndlozi has jokingly pleaded on Nzimande’s behalf, asking South Africans to give him a break with all the jokes. He was commenting on a picture of a man who looks like the former minister, with those sharing it saying he was thinking of going to the CCMA to plead his case.

“It’s tough comrades… it’s not easy. Ke kopa Moya… Ah please, am praying , leave Blade alone, kea kopa,” said the people’s bae.

But social media users said they would not stop making fun of him, saying he deserved all of it.

“Life will humble you…today you’re up there, tomorrow you’re down there…its a wheel iyajika lento…always remain humbled and be grateful,” argued one.

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