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26 Apr 2022
8:54 pm

ANC NEC resolves that criminally charged members should not stand for leadership positions

Citizen Reporter

The ANC NEC has resolved that any criminally-charged member should not contest leadership positions.

ANC flag. Picture: Michel Bega

The African Nation Congress (ANC) national executive committee (NEC) has resolved to tighten the step-aside resolution adopted by the party’s 54th national conference.

The NEC held a special meeting on Monday and Tuesday, which focused on the finalisation of discussion documents towards the ANC National Policy Conference and 55th national conference, to be held at the end of July and in December 2022 respectively.

In February 2021, the NEC adopted Guidelines and Procedures on the Implementation of National Conference Resolutions on ANC Credibility and Integrity: Dealing with Corruption and on Fighting Crime and Corruption that dealt with the implementation of the step-aside resolution adopted by the 54th National Conference.

However, NEC noted that the documents did not explicitly regulate whether members who have stepped aside voluntarily can stand for election to executive structures of the organisation at the provincial and branch level.

The NEC said it also noted that a number of members who have been indicted in a court of law, some on very serious charges, accepted nomination for such positions after stepping aside voluntarily, only to step aside again immediately after being elected.

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“The NEC noted with concern that this has resulted in confusion and serious reputational damage to the organisation,” said the party in a statement.

“The NEC reiterated the ANC’s position that, as a liberation movement and a governing party, our leaders must be above reproach, and that any misconduct or dishonesty is dealt with in a serious and consistent manner. The NEC reiterated the call made in Through the Eye of a Needle that: A leader should lead by example. S/he should be above reproach in his or her political and social conduct – as defined by our revolutionary morality. Through force of example, s/he should act as a role model to ANC members and non-members alike. Leading a life that reflects commitment to the strategic goals of the NDR includes not only being free of corrupt practices; it also means actively fighting against corruption.”

As a result, the NEC agreed that any member who had stepped aside voluntarily following an indictment to appear in a court of law on any charge should not be allowed to stand for a position on a BEC, REC, PEC or NEC.

Any member who has been suspended in terms of Rule 25.70 following an indictment to appear in a court of law on any charge should also not be allowed to stand for a position on a BEC, REC, PEC or NEC.

The NEC recognised that the implementation of the “step-aside” resolution constitutes an important and groundbreaking element in the renewal and rebuilding of the organisation.

“As such, it will be subject to ongoing improvement and refinement, guided by practice, policy and the provisions of the ANC Constitution. Accordingly, the NEC mandated the National Officials to investigate and make proposals regarding any further amendments required for the effective implementation of the resolution.”

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