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Psychic predicts that both ANC and DA will lose support in 2024

Psychic Yvonne de Bruin said that South African politics will hit some turbulent waters in 2024 and hints at the emergence of a new leader.

As South Africa braces for the expected landmark 2024 general elections, the political landscape buzzes with speculation and anticipation about who will stay in power, who will gain ground, and who’s the weakest link.

ANC and DA losing ground

Psychic Yvonne de Bruin said that all readings point to the ANC losing support. “The ruling African National Congress, a dominant force in South African politics since the dawn of democracy, faces its toughest test yet,” she said. 

She called it a party both determined and divided. “I see a narrow victory, but it’s a pyrrhic one. Their power is waning, and new political forces are emerging to challenge their long-standing dominance.”

The party is its own worst enemy, she said. And the Democratic Alliance, while ideologically in opposition, might be treading the same path in a struggle for future relevance.

“Once considered a strong alternative, the DA seems to be losing ground,” she said.

“The cards suggest a party in turmoil. Public confidence in the DA has significantly diminished,” she noted, based on her reading. “The potential departure of key figures, including a notable female leader, will likely create a vacuum.”

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She added that according to the cards, the DA needs to “rebuild trust and redefine its vision to maintain relevance”.

Meanwhile, De Bruin said that the EFF still has a significant role to play in South African politics. “The EFF emerge as a crucial element in the country’s political evolution. They may not wield direct power, but their influence is undeniable,” she explained. “They serve as a voice for the unheard, a force that compels accountability and transparency in governance.”

She said that her reading suggests that the EFF will play a pivotal role in the sustained healing of the nation.

The role of minority parties like the Freedom Front and the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) remains significant, according to De Bruin. “These parties continue to represent specific segments of our society. They ensure that diverse perspectives are heard in our national discourse,” she said.

However, she predicted a shift in the political winds, with a new, transformative leader on the horizon, poised to challenge traditional political boundaries.

Transformation in SA’s politics

And this brings home the importance of the Moonshot Pact. De Bruin said that there is latitude to drive a turning point in South Africa through this alliance. “While they might not lead the government (post 2024) their influence in shaping a more inclusive and collaborative political environment cannot be underestimated.”

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Looking ahead to 2024, De Bruin foresees a year marked by significant change. “It’s a time of transformation, but not without its challenges,” she suggested. “There’s a sense of unease, a questioning of the direction the country is taking. Yet, amidst this uncertainty, I see the emergence of new leaders who will lay the foundation for a brighter future.

“A male leader will initiate change, laying the groundwork for a female successor who will continue the path of rebuilding,” she said of the country’s near-term future.

SA’s economic and societal challenges

Beyond politics, De Bruin touched on the economic and social challenges facing the nation. “Economic growth will be a sustained and critical focus,” she predicted. “There will be a push towards more sustainable and inclusive economic policies.”

She also sees a continued struggle with social issues like inequality and unemployment, urging leaders to prioritise these in their agendas.

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De Bruin’s visions also extended to South Africa’s role on the global stage.

“The country will seek to strengthen its international relationships,” she said. This after South Africa has continued to teeter on the brink of alienating the West with what some pundits called, inexplicable foreign policy.

De Bruin saw a change in direction. “There’s a move towards more active participation in global discussions, particularly around climate change and sustainable development.”

“However, despite the challenges, there’s a strong spirit of resilience in South Africa. The coming year will test this spirit immensely, but I believe the nation will emerge stronger and more united.”

She added that 2024 should be approached with a mixture of caution and optimism, and that anything can still change. “The cards reflect the potential outcomes of the future, based on the reality of now. It can still change, but the overall course, right now, suggests challenges and light at the end of the tunnel, irrespective of segues.”

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