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By Itumeleng Mafisa

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Battle of the street pole: SARA accuses Rise Mzansi of political sabotage

The South African Rainbow Alliance (SARA) claims Rise Mzansi is removing their posters in Gauteng.

The South African Rainbow Alliance (SARA) has accused other political parties such as Rise Mzansi of sabotaging their campaign and replacing SARA posters with their own posters along main roads and public spaces.

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SARA slams Rise Mzansi

SARA president Colleen Makhubele said she had proof that SARA posters, which have her face on them, have been removed or replaced.

“SARA posters which were splashed all over Gauteng and other provinces have been clandestinely taken down and replaced with RISE MZANSI posters.” Makhubele said.

IEC posters also in the centre of the storm

Makhubele said the alliance had reported the matter to the Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) but the IEC was also in trouble for replacing SARA posters with their own.

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“All SARA posters have been removed in Joburg and replaced with RISE MZANSI posters. In other places SARA posters are replaced with IEC posters,” Makhubele said.

Makhubele said there were indications that SARA was a threat to other political parties.

“There is deliberate effort to destroy SARA and curtail its publicity and even more sad for South Africans is if the new parties fail to appreciate our multiparty democracy and fair electioneering practices including the IEC code of conduct,” she said.

She said fair competition among political parties would ensure that voters chose the government they want and that the status quo is not kept.

“Otherwise we might just be recycling the same old rubbish to put back in high offices,” she said.

According to Makhubele SARA members had been threatened and intimidated during campaigning.

“Since the formation of SARA, its members have been experiencing political intimidation and threats. And of late, we have seen thousands of our posters removed and left in dumping sites across the country,” she said.

Makhubele said the posters were of high quality and that alliance had spent money on them.
“This is a serious concern if we are going to replace current unscrupulous politicians and hope to bring change with clear moral values,” she said.

Makhubele said SARA represents leaders with a conscience and leaders who are guided by principles.

“The current crop of politicians have traded not only with their souls but also the soul of this nation for political power and access to the country’s resources,” she said.

When contacted for comment Rise Mzansi spokesperson, Mabine Seabe, had this to say: “We have no reason nor inclination to undermine the work of other political parties. To do so would also be a violation of the Electoral Code of Conduct, which RISE Mzansi subscribes to.”

The Citizen also reached out to the IEC for comment, but there had been no response received yet at the time of publishing.

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