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Stellenbosch University ‘deeply distressed’ after student arrested for alleged rape

The alleged perpetrator will be suspended by Stellenbosch University from his residence.

A Stellenbosch University student has been arrested for alleged rape, the South African Police Service (Saps) has confirmed.

The suspect was arrested on Thursday morning after a 19-year-old girl reported the incident to the police.

According to the police, the alleged rape occurred at around 10:30pm on Wednesday at a residence on Victoria Street in Stellenbosch.

While 18-year-old suspect is due in court on Thursday, the alleged perpetrator will be suspended by Stellenbosch University from his residence.

The university said it was “deeply distressed” over the incident.

“Our hearts go out to the victim of the alleged rape,” the institution said in a statement.

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“The alleged perpetrator, a student at Stellenbosch University, was arrested by Saps yesterday morning. In accordance with its established procedures and protocols, the university will suspend the alleged perpetrator from his residence, pending further internal and criminal investigation by law enforcement authorities,” the university said.

It added that the alleged rape was now a criminal matter and “that the law would now run its course”.

“The victim is currently cared for and safe. She yesterday opened a case of rape against the perpetrator with Saps, who accompanied her to the Stellenbosch Provincial Hospital, where she was examined and also received the necessary medication, care and primary counselling.

“The victim has not reported the incident to the Stellenbosch Equality Unit yet, but she had been provided with information on the various ways that an incident can be reported internally. She will be assisted in this regard,” the university added.

Racism incidents

The university has been making headlines this week after the institution on Monday suspended first-year law student, Theuns Du Toit, after an apparent racist incident.

A video surfaced on social media showing Du Toit urinating on Babalo Ndwayana’s books and laptop after breaking into his room at Huis Marais residence in the early hours of Sunday morning.

It is alleged that when Ndwayana – who is a first-year student in agricultural business management – questioned Du Toit about his actions, he responded that “is what they do to black boys”.

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While the university has launched an investigation into the incident, Ndwayana has laid criminal charges against the alleged perpetrator.

The Students’ Representative Council (SRC) has called for Du Toit to be expelled.

In a separate incident, racist remarks were allegedly made towards a female student at last week’s law faculty dance, EWN reported.

Meanwhile, the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) has indicated that it has received two complaints and has started its own investigation regarding the alleged racism incidents.

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