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More low-level snowfall possible in parts of SA from next week

The country was transformed into a wonderous winter wonderland when snow blanketed several areas including Johannesburg.

There could be more snow on the weather front for Gauteng from next week, according to Snow Report SA.

Earlier this week, parts of the country were transformed into a wonderous winter wonderland when snow blanketed several areas including Johannesburg.

Despite the freezing weather, residents were ecstatic and ventured outdoors to take photos and videos. Some even made snowmen.

The last time it snowed in Johannesburg was in August 2012.

More snow for Gauteng

Now, it seems there may be more snow in store for Gauteng.

According to a forecast from Snow Report SA, more low-level snowfall is possible across parts of South Africa and Lesotho from Wednesday next week and into the weekend.

“Snowfall is currently indicated in the data for Lesotho as well as all South African provinces and slightly over the border into eSwatini.

“Johannesburg and parts of Gauteng are on the radar for possible light snow or flurries and widespread snowfall is possible across the Mpumalanga high-ground again,” it said.

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Snow Report SA said the data indicated an even lower freezing level than the recent snowfall.

“But with more limited moisture things could change dramatically before the time. This is an advanced forecast and will almost certainly change. Updates will be posted over the next few days and a more detailed forecast will be posted closer to the time.”

“The map indicates where SnowReportSA is seeing the possibility of snow, but it may not fall in all of the areas shown on the map,” it said.

Saws weather warning

Meanwhile, the South African Weather Service (SAWS) has issued a warning for extremely high fire danger conditions over the Kai !Garib Local Municipality of the Northern Cape on Friday.

“Conditions are such that the FDI index is above 75. Under these conditions, fires may develop and spread rapidly, resulting in damage to property and possible loss of human and animal life,” warned the weather service.

While no rain is expected on Friday, the weather service expects drizzle over the Limpopo escarpment in the morning.

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