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By Enkosi Selane

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WATCH: Sassa staff ‘traumatised’ by ‘rituals’ performed in office after-hours

The agency's spokesperson said "officials were left traumatised and dejected" after learning this information and seeing the alleged ritual in 4k.

South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) officials in eMkhondo (formerly Piet-Retief), Mpumalanga have been left “traumatised and dejected” after footage of alleged “rituals” being conducted in their office after hours.

It all started two weeks ago when workers at the regional office complained about finding needles scattered on the floor almost daily.

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Needles and suspicion

Amid suspicion and confusion, authorities looked at security footage and found five people, including two Sassa officials and three unknown men believed to be traditional healers, in the office after hours.

In the footage, shared online, men can be seen moving around the office from one desk to another.

Social media users have claimed they see them reciting something while doing this.

Watch the footage below.

Sassa Mpumalanga spokesperson Senzeni Ngubeni described the footage as ‘disturbing’.

“The entire matter is currently under investigation to determine if consequence management can be taken,” Ngubeni said in answer to an enquiry by The Citizen.

Office closed and deep cleaned

The office has since been closed. However, the public is still being assisted with Sassa-related business in a different location.

“In responding to the situation Sassa has temporarily evacuated all employees from the premises, and an alternative working venue in the Mkhondo community hall as assisted by the local Municipality to utilise the facility in the meantime,” Ngubeni said.

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Additionally, Sassa said a process of deep cleaning the office is underway and therapy is also being offered to affected individuals.