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By Neil McCartney

Chief Photographer and Multimedia Journalist

WATCH: Ukrainian protest outside Russian Business mission

The Russian International Business mission kicked off at the Holiday Inn in Sandton on 20 July 2022.

A handful of woman wearing yellow and blue gathered outside Holiday Inn in Sandton yesterday as the Russian International Business mission took place inside. The were protesting about the war in Ukraine.

The women picketed in a bid to urge South Africa to stop doing business with Russia as they feel that is directly supporting world scale terrorism.

The group of women are expat Ukrainians that live in South Africa. 
The Ukrainian Association of South Africa (UAZA) was formed 5 years ago and helps expats keep in touch with other Ukrainians, but now they fear for their country.

UAZA’s Inna Coetzee said that the war in Ukraine is not just a problem for Ukraine, but for many countries around the world, if the war is not stopped, Russia may extend their aggression towards other countries and this will affect millions of people.

One of the protesters showed a video of bomb attacks that happened in her hometown recently.

She said that there is an orchestrated campaign to make people believe that Russians are being attacked in Ukraine. But, she says this isn’t true because many of her people speak Russian.

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