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Don’t miss your annual vehicle service

Looking after your car, is not unlike looking after your health. If either one breaks down, you may find yourself in a serious spot of bother. And, the financial burden may even present a larger challenge.

Should your vehicle still be under warranty, it has to be serviced by an OEM-accredited service provider and usually there are strict prescriptions as to what and how the annual service needs to be carried out.

It is important to remember though that even when you service your out-of-warranty-vehicle with an independent service provider, that there are those items that have to inspected and replaced and that the service also is recorded. A full and authentic service record always ads value to a vehicle when it is time for trade-in or resell.

Early detection of any problems or potential problems, can prevent frustration and unnecessary expenses

Here are just some of the items which require an annual no compromise inspection:

• All fluids – engine, gearbox and diff/transfer case oils and radiator fluids (coolant) need to be replaced.
• Some would even suggest that one does a pressure test
• All belts – fan belt/timing chain must be checked – replaced and/or tightened
• Proper inspection of the undercarriage for oil/brake fluid leaks, is essential
• Inspect the shock absorbers – it is suggested that shocks be replaced every 100 000km
• Check the wheel balance and wheel alignment – this should be done every 10 000km if you are a frequent traveller
• Check battery and charging system of the car
• Inspect all lights and replace faulty globes and or fuses
• Windscreen wipers
• Inspect the brake discs and adjust if required
• Replace all filters
• It is wise to lubricate all underbody parts
• Replace all spark plugs
• And then last but not least – a professional valet service will ensure the durability of the car’s interior.

Reliable transport is a blessing and for most of us, a necessity and well, it dictates responsible ownership.

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