Brendan Seery
Deputy Editor
4 minute read
11 Jun 2022
11:05 am

Orchids and onions: Santam ad unfolds like an historical movie

Brendan Seery

The big brand ads like this remind us that perhaps we are slowly returning to the normality that was there pre-Covid and pre-Putin’s insanity.

Orchids and onions: Santam ad entertaining because it unfolds like an historical movie

There has been such an explosion of marketing – and the channels available to convey advertising – that at times, one feels overwhelmed. In my case, it is difficult to remember ads that stood out. One which did, though, was from about 15 years ago for Santam insurance … because it summed up what insurance is all about. It featured the brand’s then trademark umbrella with the Afrikaans words underneath: “Vermy Donderdag”. The literal translation of that might be “avoid Thursday” – but also it could be interpreted as “avoid the storms”. And that is exactly what insurance does –...