Hein Kaiser
4 minute read
23 Jul 2022
12:00 pm

WATCH: How to build a sustainable, versatile fashion collection

Hein Kaiser

In today’s economy, planning and managing a wardrobe while maintaining a fresh, on-trend look can be challenging.

Litchi Fashion proprietor Lucinda Campbell. Picture Hein Kaiser

It’s not a Instagram throwaway fashion collection. Instead, Litchi fashion store owner Lucinda Campbell’s mission is to share seasonal trends that can last, with a soupcon of accessory pairing, for several seasons. Versatility and longevity of wardrobe is her grand plan, where dressing up and down the same outfit over more seasons can be easier on her customer’s wallets. She said: “After all, fashion is an investment into looking and feeling good, not just a temporary fix”. Campbell takes her philosophy to several markets, every week in Gauteng, and has a rail presence in several Urban Markets and other collective...