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By Devina Haripersad

Senior Business/Finance journalist

From paint to payment: An artist’s journey to entrepreneurship

How do artists continue to showcase their works to potential investors, secure sales and turn it into a viable business?

This year, FNB congratulated Dada Khanyisa as the winner of the 2022 FNB Art Prize. The crowd applauded, the media snapped the winning picture, and Khanyisa’s name is being spoken across art communities who have marvelled at their work.

But how does this budding artist, like so many on the continent, go from paint palettes to payments? How do they continue to showcase their works to potential investors, securing sales and making this a viable business to carry them for the rest of their life?

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This is where the financial institution comes in; this is how FNB meets Art Joburg in the mutual symbiosis that has become one of the most hyped art events on the creative calendar.

For the eyes and pockets of investors and collectors

Bonga Sebesho, FNB Brand Experience Head, explained that the bank took to commit to assisting artists creating South African and African contemporary art to showcase their works on a platform where it can be both appreciated for all is expresses and represents, as well as be commercialised, in that it is brought to the fore for the eyes and pockets of investors and collectors.

“FNB has demonstrated the need to nourish and grow the arts economy on the African continent,” Sebesho said.

As such, he explained that the bank will equip these artists with very comprehensive financial literacy educational materials to assist them in their journey from creator to entrepreneur, ensuring their works fetch the highest price in the art world.

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Upon accepting the prize, Khanyisa said that the award was not just given to them, but to the community from which they hail.

“On behalf of my community, thank you for this honour,” Khanyisa said at the media launch of FNB Joburg Art.

Khanyisa is from the sleepy town of Umzimkhulu in KwaZulu-Natal – that will now no doubt take note of them and their journey to established artist status.

In this way, FNB hopes to provide directional signs to other aspiring artist in the community, on the commercial path to take.

The bank offers comprehensive financial literacy resources on its digital platform where SMEs could access information that helps them with incubation, starting, running and growing their businesses.

Fundaba – the entrepreneurship learning App

FNB also provides budding entrepreneurs with Fundaba, a free digital app-based entrepreneurship learning programme on the FNB App.  Fundaba comprises videos, podcasts, quizzes, templates and tools for clients to learn about entrepreneurship and running a business.

The bank also has a digital marketplace on the FNB App called Nav marketplace, where business clients can load their services, a logo, images, and a catchy description exposing their businesses to FNB App users. Business that can list their services includes, homes services, professional services, tutors and GIG workers.

Sebesho said: “As with anything in life, there are many ways in which to view art. For some, art can be seen as an investment that could prove to be very profitable in the long run and for others, art resonates as something far more intrinsic, as it speaks to expression and evokes a sense of conversation that we all have within ourselves.

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“FNB’s 15-year involvement as a sponsor of this prestigious platform demonstrates our commitment to be a trusted partner that empowers artists to be change agents through their artwork and the communities that they live in. At FNB we believe that art plays a crucial role in the innovation and growth of the economy.

“The calibre of the artists who have won over the years are phenomenal and the prize has created an international springboard for these artists – giving them many opportunities beyond the Fair.”

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