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12 Dec 2016
10:46 am

Boity: I’m willing to discuss polygamy with a future partner

Citizen Reporter

'It's been scientifically proven that there is a tiny percentage of mammals that do naturally form monogamous bonds.'

Boitumelo Thulo. Image courtesy of Facebook.com

When asked if she would consider being in a polygamous relationship or marriage, model and presenter Boitumelo ‘Boity’ Thulo said she still had a lot to unlearn before giving an honest answer. For now, she said she was willing to discuss it with a future partner.

“I still have a lot to unlearn before giving an honest answer to this. Real talk. For now … I’m willing to discuss it with a future partner,” she said.

In a series of tweets, Boity went into an “honest” discussion with her followers, asking if monogamy was unnatural.

“I believe it is a conversation worth having. An open-minded, realistic discussion about monogamy. I’m open to learning. Hence I asked.”

She further told her followers she felt like there was a lot more of what society had taught us that we needed to unlearn. Much of that, according to the model, had “stagnated the soul’s progression”.

She said monogamy had made people territorial, something that was “frightening” and “limiting”.

“Great. So say you find one who has all the qualities you have ever wanted in a partner. They treat incredibly well, make you happy, etc…

“And the ‘perfect’ partner happens to have another partner. And s/he is honest about this to you. What do you do?”

Boity’s polygamous scenario, however, was based on all parties knowing about each other and being in agreement with the arrangement. The women did not have to get along, they just had to know about each other, and if they got along, “that would be a bonus”.

“I think what’s most important is them knowing the truth and agreeing with it,” she said.

Though some of her followers disagreed with the idea of being in love with a man who loved someone else, Boity said it was for exactly the reason she decided to have a discussion on polygamy.

“How can the idea of a human being loving another being hurt us?”

She further told her followers it had been scientifically proven that humans were excluded from a “tiny” percentage of mammals that naturally formed monogamous bonds.

“I ask these questions as a form of learning an alternative way to love. I personally think the socially accepted way is flawed and depressing.”