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Meet South Africa’s most prominent polygamists

Polygamy has grown in popularity in recent times. We compiled a list of five of the country’s most prominent polygamous men.

By definition polygamy is the practice of marrying multiple spouses, specifically when a man is married to more than one wife. According to some anthropologists, polygamy has been the norm through human history.

There has been a palpable rise in appetite for polygamy in recent times. For some people the reason for multiple spouses can be the desire to have a large family, others are obligated by tradition or simply liking more than one person.

One thing is for sure, if you’re going to be in a polygamous relationship, you must be able to afford the practice.

The common-thread in the list of men below is that they are wealthy and can financially take care of their lovers. Below are some of the biggest names in South Africa who practice polygamy.

South Africa’s top 5 polygamists

King Monada

The lanky singer songwriter and producer is one of those who are in a polygamous relationship, with two wives who both seem happy.

King Monada, whose real name is Khutso Steven Kgatle isn’t shy to show off his loving partners on social media.

In one post on Instagram with both women on either side, he wrote: “My heart will never stop beating for you. You are so beautiful, loving and caring. I love you so much, and thank you for your love”.

What’s interesting is that he doesn’t specify in the post who he loves, but we can assume it’s an ode to both women.

What’s also fascinating about Monada’s polygamous relationship is that while other polygamous men are involved with the similar type of women in terms of shape, size and complexion, his partners are quite different in appearance.

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Jacob Zuma

It’s said an effective leader moves followers into action not with coercion but by eliciting their desire and conviction in the vision and goals articulated by the leader.

Jacob Zuma’s role in leadership might be questionable but his influence on South African men boldly wanting to enter polygamy is unquestionable.

The former president has four wives namely; Gertrude Sizakele Khumalo, Nompumelelo Ntuli, Thobeka Stacy Mabhija and Gloria Bongekile Ngema.

There have been murmurs in recent past of the former president taking another spouse; this was expected to be The Real Housewives of Durban’s Nonkanyiso Conco, who is believed to share a son with Zuma.

It’s understood that the couple split in 2020 after getting engaged in 2018.

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Musa Mseleku

While Zuma is the unashamed OG (original gangster) who moves in silence, Musa Mseleku is the younger and ostentatious bloke who has a reality TV show, uThando Nes’thembu that takes viewers through the life of a polygamist with four wives.

The businessman, whose wealth streams from the taxi industry and cattle among other businesses, is also said to have had a career in journalism with a stint at community station Durban Youth Radio.

The entrepreneur came from nowhere a few years ago to become the most prominent of all polygamists in the country.

So big is his influence, that there are spin-off shows from the original uThando Nes’thembu. Mseleku has become somewhat of a godfather in the polygamy space, with reality TV show Mnakwethu that sees Mseleku helping other married men introduce a second wife to their first partner.

Mzansi Magic recently revealed that another spin-off will make its debut later this month, titled Izingane zeS’thembu which will centre on Mseleku’s older children.

Mseleku’s eldest, Mpumelelo has been quite candid about wanting to carry on his father’s polygamy legacy by wanting to have more than one wife one day- in a way of emulating his father, the boy already has two girlfriends whom he’s quite open about.

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Bab’ Maseko

Mseleku might have broken the ice in the reality TV space for popular polygamists, but Bab’Maseko is taking it another level.

The sangoma has a reality TV show Umdeni, which follows the life of the traditional healer who has two wives and five husbands.

While jealousy and resentment is expected in any polygamist relationship, in any relationship in fact, the Umdeni TV show has more intense rivalry from the wives and husbands for Maseko’s heart.

The Moja Love show doesn’t only speak to polygamy, but it also explores sexual orientation and other topics that might be considered taboo.

Themba “Euphonik” Nkosi

The entertainer and property mogul is probably the least open about his polygamy lifestyle on this list, ans is understood to have two wives. It was reported by the Sunday World last year that the DJ was planning on taking a third wife, which he did but his first wife Aurelia Nxumalo left, making wife number two Kholeka Qiniso, number one.

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