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AKA and Nadia clap back at abuse allegations with R800k lawsuit

AKA and Nadia Nakia want to sue the Daily Sun after it reported the male rapper 'moered' his girlfriend.

Celeb couple, Nadia Nakai and Kiernan “AKA” Forbes has not taken lightly the media reports of their alleged fight during a work trip in Accra, Ghana. 

Last weekend the Daily Sun reported that in their article titled “AKA moered Nadia” that the couple got into a heated and physical argument, where the publication alleged the male rapper physically assaulted his girlfriend.

They cited sources close to the couple who apparently witness the argument. 

There were also media reports that the pair had unfollowed each other on social media after the alleged incident on social media.

What further added smoke to the fire was AKA’s cryptic words he shared on Instagram.

He wrote: “I will never let another woman degrade me again.”

However, the couple sent a joint statement to the Daily Sun denying the allegations but the publication further insinuated the altercation did occur.

They reported AKA assaulted Nadia at the venue in full view of people, as he allegedly did it again at the hotel and everything got heated.

Their statement read: “What was a fun and beautiful working trip where both had separate work engagements is now being turned into a public smear campaign. What we took to be light interactions with industry peers and associates has now been twisted by outsiders.

“Just to clear the air there was no physical nor verbal altercation between us.”

AKA and Nadia sue Daily Sun and journalist

AKA and Nadia have decided to file an R800,000 lawsuit against the Daily Sun and the journalist who wrote the article. 

The legal letter from their attorney, Amos Mananyetso states the publication “published a false, malicious and defamatory article” written by Quincy Mahlangu. 

The attorney says the allegations made in the article are baseless and defamatory in their nature. They further lashed out at the publication for publishing the article despite their statement denying the claims.

“You were opportunistic and displayed desperate and parasitic behaviour by stirring controversy,” the legal letter read.

The Daily Sun has removed some of its allegations in its article but has not changed its headline.  

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