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VIDEO: Zodwa Wabantu cuts a monkey out of a snake’s belly 

Since 'thwasaring', Zodwa Wabantu says things have been working in her favour to better her life as well as her career.

After years of shocking and enthralling the masses with her body, controversial entertainer turned traditional healer, Zodwa Wabantu has found new ways to keep people talking about how they feel about the things she does.

The entertainer recently added another layer to her public brand by undergoing the process to become a traditional healer, and she often documents her work on social media. 

She most recently captured a video of herself cutting a monkey out of a snake’s belly with the caption “Mkhulu Nyanga Wabantu. I don’t Buy, Ngiyazingela.” 

The very graphic nature of the video was met with some serious backlash by her followers, who did not seem to understand or condone what they were seeing. 

“Some things should just stay in your photo gallery.  We honestly didn’t ask to see this. I love you but this is too much now feels like your (sic) doing this just for clout! I couldn’t even watch the whole thing,” commented bujigirlbee whose comment had over 500 likes at the time of writing. 

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“What in the world did I just watch? Are you going to braai it? phela I hear snake meat tastes like biltong,” said @ms.kittypong.

“No need to show us this,” wrote @philimpanza. 

“As I unfollow you,” said @refilwevandermon. 

NOTE: If you have a strong stomach, you can watch the video below. Please note that it is quite graphic

There were a few people who came to Zodwa’s defence.

“I don’t care what y’all say, this woman is brave. This is what our ancestors used to do but we say it’s witchcraft now… She does have a calling,” wrote Instagram user @keabe__ before adding “I just wish Sangomas would stop killing animals.”

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“For some, this is normal and common in their culture. Since the internet is worldwide, there are things many will dislike. I guess if some don’t want to see shocking things that are not “normal” to them, then don’t go on the internet. To me this is kinda 😮, but I can’t knock what others do In their culture. We tear up hamburgers and kill cows, others look at us like we are crazy. The US is not the whole earth,” said @hoz4life. 

‘I have a calling but I am not a sangoma’

In a January 2022 interview with Drum magazine, Zodwa Wabantu confirmed that she does indeed have what is called “a spiritual calling”, and that she was on a journey of spiritual awakening and accepting her ancestors into her life at the time.

In her interview, the dancer said that her awakening began sometime in September 2021, when she started having spiritual dreams, which progressed and became more intense towards the end of the year.

Zodwa Wabantu
Media personality and entertainer, Zodwa Wabantu. Picture: Instagram

“I started having dreams in September last year and they just kept getting serious towards December, I knew they were not normal. I got dreams and would get a message to visit home and get something from a tree.

“I dreamt of beads, something not everyone dreams of, even sangomas would do a lot for them to get a direct message like that,” said Zodwa.

Zodwa then said in her interview that she went to the traditional healer she usually visits for cleansing and consultations to get some clarity and understanding of the dreams she has been having. The traditional healer confirmed that she is one of the chosen ones.

The 36-year-old media personality revealed that everything she has been through in her life makes sense now that she knows she has a calling, and that her ancestors, as well as the universe, have been working in her favour to better her life as well as her career.

Additional reporting by Lerato Maimela

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