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Emtee threatens legal action against Parktown restaurant, accuses it of racial profiling

Mike’s Kitchen responded to Emtee's complaint by stressing it has no ties to Mikes Heritage House.

Award-winning rapper Emtee has given a Parktown restaurant, Mike’s Kitchen, until Wednesday to apologise or face potential legal repercussions.

According to a letter issued by Emtee’s legal representatives, the rapper and his friends went to Mike’s Kitchen on Monday this week to have dinner, but they were denied entrance because “they smelled of weed and had many tattoos“.

“They were further escorted out of the premises into the street where they stood stranded, their driver having now left,” the letter added.

Taking to Instagram on Tuesday, Emtee ranted about the incident, saying it broke his heart.

He added: “This is worse than the avocado story. I worry about my kids who are mixed race, have a father who is a rapper that gets disrespected and ridiculed and made fun of his whole career…

“My heart is broken. Thank God I didn’t have security on the day so @mannytarget just saw some black kids with tattoos. Not knowing who the f*#k I am. I can’t talk to anyone about this because everyone just wants me to shut up. I’m sorry. I can’t. I will not rest until something is done about this.”

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Emtee’s legal representatives have given Mike’s Kitchen until close of business on Wednesday to apologise or face potential legal repercussions.

“This was an act of harassment and racial profiling, resulting in significant humiliation and damage to our client’s reputation as both an artist and member of society. We demand an unequivocal, public apology from the owners of Mike’s Kitchen for this incident,” the letter stated.

“If such an apology is not issued by the close of business tomorrow, Wednesday 13 March 2024, we will take immediate legal action,” it continued.

Mike’s Kitchen responds to Emtee’s allegations

In response to Emtee’s allegations, Mike’s Kitchen issued a statement emphasising that it has no ownership or operational ties to “Mikes Heritage House”.

The restaurant clarified that although Mikes Heritage House shares a similar name to Mike’s Kitchen, it operates separately and is not affiliated with the Mike’s Kitchen brand.

“We strongly condemn any form of racism, discrimination, or prejudice at any establishment, including the recent incident reported at Mikes Heritage House. Racism has no place in our society, and we stand firmly against it.

“It is imperative that all businesses, including Mike’s Kitchen, uphold the values of inclusivity, respect, and equality for all people. We are devoted to creating a friendly atmosphere for all,” the statement read.

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