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PICS: Living life on her terms: Jojo Robinson lashes out at tattoos critics

"I wasn’t born to be normal."

While Jojo Robinson is working her way to being the most tattooed woman in the country, she says she constantly finds herself at the scrutiny of people.

Earlier this year, the Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD) star revealed that 70% of her body is tattooed.

She recently took to Instagram to slam people criticising her for being heavily tattooed.

“Being heavily tattooed like this, I find myself constantly at the scrutiny of people who know nothing about me. But at the end of the day it’s not my business to care. It is my business to continue to live a life filled with all the magical things I choose to do with it, as long as I hurt no one in my journey, what does it really matter what I do,” she wrote.

The tattoo enthusiast said tattoos made her happy. She added: “You’re not really free until you are free from trying to please everybody.

“Judgment from others is not your burden to carry. Being free of caring is the reason I find rainbows in everything because I am HAPPY, and happiness is what you perceive it to be.”

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‘I wasn’t born to be normal’ – Jojo

Jojo previously said she was planning to have tattoos everywhere on her body except for her face.

“Why be a plain horse when you can be a unicorn, a colorful unicorn. I wasn’t born to be normal, clearly,” she wrote.

She shared that she wants her leg tattoo project done by the end of this year. She added: “Then start to rework the arm I don’t like, followed up into the other half of the neck and lastly, the buns, and then we are done.

“We did some more work with the leg last week, hence why it’s darker. It will lighten to the same color as the rest of the tattoos once it heals, and then in a few days, we connect the new leg tattoo to the back of my existing leg tattoo.”

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