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Influencer couple Gogo & Mo on bringing awareness on Khelovedu language

Gogo & Mo are part of a list of influencers brought-in by Mzansi Magic to promote Queen Modjadji.

To help build hype around the upcoming Mzansi Magic drama Queen Modjadji, the channel has roped in social media influencers to also educate viewers ahead of its debut in July.

Influencer couple Gogo & Mo are part of the long list of content creators selected to bring more light on the Khelovedu language and culture.

“I was not aware of Khelovedu, the language and the culture as I am from America. When we were roped in for the campaign, Mo was actually telling me a lot [about] the culture and the history, seeing that he’s from Limpopo,” Daphné (Gogo) Montgomery told The Citizen.

For Mo, whose real name is Hendrik Matlou, it was different as he is a fan of Khelovedu music and some of its artists.

“I was definitely aware [of the language and culture].  I listen to King Monada and some [other] Khelovedu artists. It’s a language I heard a lot growing up,” said Mo, speaking to The Citizen.

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Titled Sounds of Khelovedu the campaign will see the selected influencers use Queen Modjadji scenes to recreate them in their own unique style on their social accounts.

“We’ve already finished phase one of the campaign which is so much fun, we’re starting phase two sometime soon. We don’t necessarily have a plan to make it different from other influencers. We’re not in contact with any of the other influencers on this campaign, but we do take a lot of pride in being authentic and organic with our audience,” said Gogo.

The couple is yet to watch a full episode or any of the scenes, as they’ve only been privy to the trailer like everyone else.

“We have seen the trailer which was so grabbing, I loved the delivery. We also got to meet the cast which was amazing,” shared Gogo.

The influencers include popular animation character Noko Mashaba, Rebotile Juliet Shai and Lethabo LeJoy Mathatho among the list of ten influencers.

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By exploring the life and legacy of Queen Modjadji, the content creators’ goal is to educate and inspire audiences about the rich history, language, and culture of the Valovedu community, while fostering a deeper appreciation for Africa’s diverse heritage.

“I love it as I’m big on inclusivity and representation. I’m biracial, so I think I’ve also had a life experience that comes with the minority part of my family,” said Gogo about being part of the campaign.

“I love being able to bring a smaller niche culture that doesn’t have as much awareness in the country as big as Zulu or Xhosa. It’s not only an honour to be a part of the campaign, but I’m proud of the fact that we are contributing to the awareness and inclusivity of the culture.”

The couple with some of the cast members of Queen Modjadji.

For Mo, the campaign holds significance because of its educational element.

“The educational element is not always there or present [in campaigns] and I think it’s such an honour to be a part of. I feel like it’s rare and it’s needed,” he said.

US citizen Gogo who grew up English and was exposed to Spanish growing up said she’s excited about learning Khelovedu.

“I am on a Sepedi language learning journey, so I don’t speak Khelovedu, but it is cool to see the similarities between Sepedi and Khelovedu. It creates a good basis for having a little bit more awareness of the language.”

Although Mo is Mopedi, he also can’t speak Khelovedu, but the recently engaged couple see this as an exciting challenge.

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