Life after loss: Will these SA celebrities find love again?

We look at how some South African celebrities cope with the loss of their loved ones and whether they are open to new relationships and finding love again.

Death is a painful experience that affects us all, regardless of our social status or wealth. It is a reminder that life is fleeting and precious.

South African celebrities, just like everyone else, have experienced the heartache of losing loved ones and some have shared their grief openly, while others have chosen to keep their pain private.

Although these celebrities are famous and successful, they still face the challenging path of grieving and must discover methods to deal with the passing of their loved ones.

However, a question remains: can they overcome their grief and open themselves up to finding love once more?

In this article, we delve into the lives of celebrities who have experienced the loss of their loved ones, and examine whether they have chosen to embrace the possibility of finding love again, or if they have closed themselves off completely.

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Nadia Nakai

Nadia Nakai, a South African celebrity, has recently made headlines due to the loss of her boyfriend, Kiernan Forbes, also known as AKA, a popular rapper who was fatally shot outside Wish Restaurant in Durban in February.

Despite the immense toll that AKA’s tragic death has taken on her, Nadia chose not to conceal her grief from the public and has openly shared her pain.

Following AKA’s burial in February, Nadia took to Instagram and expressed her difficulties in accepting his passing and admitted that she did not know how she would be able to cope with the loss.

Despite struggling with intense pain earlier, Nadia has gradually been able to find her way towards managing her grief.

However, this does not necessarily imply that she has completely moved on. On Tuesday, Nadia expressed her disillusionment with love in a tweet, stating that she has had terrible luck in relationships and that she has decided to never pursue love again.

This message clearly indicates to her followers that she has no intention of being in a romantic relationship with anyone in the future.

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Bianca Naidoo

Bianca Naidoo
Bianca Naidoo. Picture: Instagram @Rikyrick

It has been a year since the passing of the rapper Riky Rick, who died on 23 February 2022.

Rikhado Muziwendlovu Makhado, who was also known as Riky Rick, passed away at his estate in the northern parts of Johannesburg. He committed suicide by hanging, after struggling with severe depression.

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While many people assumed that he was married to Bianca Naidoo, it was eventually disclosed that the two were not legally married, but nonetheless, the public has recognised Bianca as Riky Rick’s spouse.

Despite this, Bianca Naidoo has managed to keep a relatively private life, and there is not much information available about her.

In a recent interview with YOU magazine, Bianca revealed that she is not putting too much pressure on herself this year.

“I’m trying to figure out a lot of things and I want to ensure I make Riky proud. I want to be a great mom and support our children. It’s a lot of learning, this new normal, trying to understand and deal with grief,” she said in the interview.

Based on that statement, it is possible to assume that Bianca is not currently available or even contemplating a relationship.

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Connie Ferguson

Connie Ferguson
Widow of the late Shona Connie Ferguson. Picture: Instagram @ConnieFerguson

Connie Ferguson is widely recognised as one of the most influential women in South Africa, but even she has experienced the pain of losing her husband, Shona Ferguson.

Shona Ferguson died on 30 July 2021, after experiencing complications related to Covid-19.

Following Shona’s passing, Connie has been striving to remain strong and preserve her husband’s legacy by assuming control of their jointly owned production company: ‘The Ferguson Films’.

Last year, rumour had it that South African soccer legend Lucas Radebe and Connie Ferguson were dating. This was according to a picture that was posted where the two were posing for a ‘Pledge Pink photo shoot’.

Interestingly, out of everyone who was in the picture, social media users singled out the recognisable figures of Connie and Lucas, who appeared to be standing close to one another in the photo.

Some even went so far as to speculate that the two celebrities might be romantically involved.

Soccer legend Lucas Radebe and Connie Ferguson at the 'Pledge for Pink' photoshoot.
Soccer legend Lucas Radebe and Connie Ferguson at the ‘Pledge for Pink’ photo shoot. Picture: Twitter

Earlier this year, during an interview with Newzroom Afrika, the ex-Generations actress revealed that she took a month-long break from work to grieve her late husband.

Connie explained that this was one of the most challenging things she had to do since she was afraid that she might break down while on set.

“I had to pluck up the courage to go back to work because we were still shooting The Queen and when Shona passed, we were supposed to start shooting Kings of Joburg.

“That first day was very strange because I hadn’t seen my cast and crew since after the burial. I prayed so hard that morning before I went to work just for the courage to not break down and just start the day,” said the actress.

It is currently uncertain whether Connie would be open to pursuing a romantic relationship in the future or not.

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Sikelelwa Ngubane

Wife of the late Actor Menzi, Sikelelwa Ngubane.
Widow of the late actor Menzi, Sikelelwa Ngubane. Picture: Instagram @MenziNgubane.

Similar to Bianca Naidoo, Sikelelwa Ngubane leads a rather discreet life, and there is limited information accessible about her.

Sikelelwa was married to the late South African actor Menzi Ngubane, who passed away on 13 March 2023 after suffering a stroke.

According to Gagasi FM, Sikelewa Ngubane is the executive producer of the Menzi Ngubane Documentary.

As previously stated, Sikelelwa maintains a very private lifestyle, so it is unclear whether she is currently pursuing a new relationship, contemplating one, or has any interest in being romantically involved again.

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Ayanda Ncwane

Ayanda Ncwane, who lost her gospel artist husband Sfiso Ncwane on 5 December 2016 due to kidney problems, has been focusing on her two sons and her career while coping with the grief.

She appeared on The Real Housewives of Durban season 2 in 2022, while continuing to work.

Although there is no confirmation, Ayanda hinted at the possibility of finding love again during an episode of the show when she mentioned hooking up with someone at the time.

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