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The Lo Down: Tips from the first lady of fitness

Stacey Holland is a TV presenter best known for her role as co-anchor on etv’s Breakfast Show: Sunrise.

In 2012 Stacey completed a year-long fitness challenge after many years of trying to get back into shape after a car accident that left her struggling with severe back pain —resulting from two fractured lower vertebrae. Fast forward two years and Stacey is now a fitness inspiration working with active lifestyle brands including Lorna Jane SA, SWEAT 1000, USN, and Reebok. We chatted about how she fits a daily skincare routine into her busy day.

How important is a skincare routine for an active person?

Vital! Ideally you shouldn’t work out with makeup on but because most of us do this, it’s important to go for regular facials and use products that both exfoliate as well as deep cleanse the skin. If you sweat a lot during workouts, you need to nourish your skin from within through good hydration. You also need to exfoliate the dead skin cells regularly to ensure that your pores don’t get clogged.

What is your daily beauty and skincare regimen?

I drink a lot of water every day and I believe that this goes a long way in ensuring my skin is healthy. In terms of skincare products, I use the Dermaquest range – I cleanse with a pH-balanced cleanser and I use my moisturiser twice a day. I train outdoors often so it is essential for me to apply sunblock under the products I use. I use an SPF 30 in winter and an SPF 50 in summer.


Stacey Holland. Picture: Supplied

Stacey Holland. Picture: Supplied

What are the must-have skincare items in your gym bag?

Deodorant, foot spray, and lip balm! I use Shield clinical protection underarm – I need to feel confident when I’m doing shoulder presses or jumping jacks in front of a full fitness class! You also can’t go wrong with Green Cross’ foot spray to keep your feet, socks, and trainers smelling fresh. Another product that I swear by is Elizabeth Arden’s 8-hour lip rescue.

Any other beauty tips for The Lo Down readers?

Use Epsom salts after a hard training session. Pour some into your bath to keep your skin looking great at the same time as soothing tired muscles. If you train a lot your hair can take a beating from the sweating, constant washing, and heat styling so I use the Moroccanoil hydrating shampoo and conditioner set and treat my hair to a hydrating mask every so often.

“Being fit and active means that you’re prioritising your health – and healthy skin plays an important part in this too,” Holland adds.


For more advice on skincare for active lifestyles, tweet @StaceHolland or visit her website: www.staceyholland.co.za.


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