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Sizwe Dhlomo hits back after Vusi Thembekwayo calls him out

In the past, Sizwe Dhlomo has called out Vusi Thembekwayo's supposed riches and the motivational speaker explained why they have 'beef'.

There is clearly no love lost between media personality Sizwe Dhlomo and entrepreneur Vusi Thembekwayo as the Kaya FM presenter responded to the businessman’s harsh criticism. 

Thembekwayo is well known as a businessman and motivational speaker. 

Dhlomo has called out Thembekwayo’s supposed riches, saying the businessman is living a lie, particularly after his financial troubles have been widely reported in the past. 

‘I don’t respect him’ 

Thembekwayo appeared on the Penuel The Black Pen In Conversation, a Youtube podcast, to lay out what he thinks started his beef with Dhlomo. 

He explained there are different layers in terms of public speakers and part of his job he has a research team based in many parts of the world including Dubai

Thembekwayo says Dhlomo criticised his comments on the taxi strike that occurred a few years ago. The entrepreneur shared some facts on the taxi industry, which coincide with Dhlomo’s facts he shared in his tweets. 

Thembekwayo refers to Dhlomo during the conversation as “bafo”, further painting the picture of how Dhlomo said he “stole his facts” on the taxi strike, and their names started trending on Twitter. 

“I see this and then I reply to him [and say] this is patently not true. This is where the fight started, he then replies and said ‘it’s not the first time you do it’.”

Thembewakyo says his issue with Dhlomo is that he “has no respect for the guy” because of the way he treats people. 

The businessman says Dhlomo has his contact details and they could easily sort out their differences by talking it out, “but I then realised he has no interest in resolving anything”.  

Penuel, asked if they can sort out their problems, Thembekwayo replied, “F**k him… I moved past that point when he made it personal and came after my kids…

“He hasn’t proven himself beyond what he has been given.”

It’s well-known Dhlomo comes from a privileged background. 

Sizwe Dhlomo’s response

The radio host caught wind of the interview after he was tagged in multiple posts on Twitter and he wasn’t happy withThembewakyo’s claims, especially with the allegation that he went after his children. 

Dhlomo tweeted: “Who went after your kids @VusiThembekwayo? Everything I’ve ever said to you, I’ve said here, in public. Lol! More importantly, why didn’t you do anything about it? If someone went after my kids, I’d definitely do something about it. I guess we’re just different”. 

He added: “Do you know what’s funny @VusiThembekwayo? It’s that back in 2018, you tried to tell me that you were running a hedge fund, back when I was still at Y? Do you remember that? Lol! I even told you – don’t talk to me about money”.

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“Now that time has proven you to be a fraud & me exactly who TF I think I am, all of a sudden, the tough guy has disappeared [and] now it’s humility talk. Nah pah, no winter is coming. I’m just built different!

As Thembewakyo challenged Dhlomo man to man, Dhlomo said the businessman knows his work address. 

Dhlomo then poked fun at Thembekwayo’s troubles. Recently his divorce battle with estranged wife Palesa Mahlolo got messier. 

The Sunday World reported that the motivational speaker took Mahlolo to the Joburg High Court for “refusing” to sign an offer to sell their vacant land in the ultra-rich estate, Steyn City. 

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