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Tamaryn Green explains why she and Ze Nxumalo had so many weddings

Tamaryn Green offered a detailed explanation of why she and Ze Nxumalo had so many wedding ceremonies over the last year.

Former Miss South Africa Tamaryn Green has captured the hearts and imaginations of the nation over the last year or so with celebration after celebration of her love with businessman Ze Nxumalo.

The couple recently had yet another wedding celebration that had people asking just what was going on as most traditional unions in South Africa are known to not go beyond a certain number.

After noticing some confusion in her comments, she decided to clear the air.

“For those who were wondering, here is a surface-level explanation of the celebrations that Ze & I had. I noticed a few confused comments.

“As Ze & I come from different cultures, we decided to embrace all traditions and rituals required by both cultures to be married,” wrote Tamaryn

She acknowledged how western society follows the template of an engagement which is followed by a kitchen tea/bachelorette or bachelor party and finally, a wedding.

Doing things their way

“A traditional Zulu wedding is quite different, but also has distinctive stages. First, a proposal happens and once the girl says yes to the guy’s proposal, lobola negotiations take place,” she explained. 

“Once lobola has been paid we celebrate Umembeso, where the groom’s representatives come in numbers and gifts, are given to the bride’s family and the bride herself.”  

During this ceremony, the groom’s family is welcomed to the bride’s home, which, in this case, is Paarl. 

“This event announces publicly that the groom & the bride are no longer on the market for anyone,” added Tamaryn Green along with a grinning emoji. 

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During this time, the couple then sets their wedding date. 

“These days both the white and traditional weddings take place over one weekend. However, other people have separated the white wedding and the traditional wedding by weeks, months or even years depending on the distance between the bride’s people and the groom’s people; as, in our case, Ze’s being KZN and mine Western Cape.”

So, why so many weddings? 

Tamaryn Green (now Nxumalo) then explained that they had their white wedding in Stellenbosch back in April. They had done so without having had their traditional wedding. 

They privately decided to have one in October in Durban.

“Here, there is [the] slaughtering of cows and sheep to welcome the Makoti (bride). The Nxumalos dressed in their traditional clothes, Zulu skins and performed Zulu dancing.” 

“The bride’s family sings their traditional songs, the bride’s father hands over his daughter to the groom’s family. The traditional Induna plays [the] role of marriage officer. The girl declares publicly again she loves her husband and the husband the same.” 

Thereafter, they hosted a ceremony called Umabo in which Tamaryn says gifts are then distributed to the groom’s family. 

“The festivities are concluded and the marriage begins. Please know that this is a very broad summary and the above steps are often modified according to the couple and their preferences,” she concluded. 

Tamaryn Green‘s famous friends commented on the post with those who had no previous idea of what goes on thanking her for her explanation. 

Minnie Dlamini, who is Zulu, commended her for her explanation, writing; “Beautiful explanation angel.” 

“All your wedding events have been the most beautiful. Congratulations, wishing your family many happy years together,” commented Salamina Mosese. 

“Thanks for sharing with us! All events were beautiful wishing you a happy and love-filled future together,” said Aisha Baker. 

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