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PICS: Trevor Noah says Anele, Sizwe are his ‘ride or die’ as he shares river rafting pics

Trevor Noah’s account of his white river rafting adventure with his friends has South Africans and international celebs in stitches.

During their annual 2022/2023 friend vacation, former The Daily Show host Trevor Noah and a group of his close-knit friends, including Anele Mdoda, Khaya Dlanga, Sizwe Dhlomo and Xolisa Dyeshana travelled to Costa Rica, a small country in Central America.

South Africans have been living vicariously through the social media channels of Anele, Khaya and Sizwe, who all documented their ‘friendcation’ on an almost daily basis.

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We’re not sure if Noah took a sabbatical from social media, or whether his vacay was jam packed with adrenaline-rushing activities, but the comedian took to social media for the first time on Tuesday to share some photos from his annual trip with his friends.

In true Trevor Noah, comedian style, his account of events are hilarious as he describes their first-ever white river rafting experience in Costa Rica.

Noah says the activity allowed him to test whether his friends are ‘ride or ride’.

What ensues is a hilarious, but also very scary account of how the three friends, Trevor, Anele and Sizwe embarked on their adventurous activity, their guide explaining to them that the rapids would be class 3 to 4.

Noah says they were super excited about this news because they didn’t actually know what that meant.

The calm before the storm

Trevor goes on to explain how easy the first 20 minutes was, they were even able to discuss the countries where they wanted to river raft next, but this was short lived as their conversation soon “turned to sounds that only Africans would understand”.

Noah goes on to explain how each drop was steeper and scarier than the previous one, likening the river rafting experience to life.

“You can’t always choose how crazy the river of life might get, but what you can always choose is the people in your life who you’ll ride those rapids with. And if you choose wisely, even a capsized boat can turn into the greatest adventure,” the comedian wrote.

Man overboard!

Noah’s account of what it felt like to get sucked into a rapid had local and international celebs taking to the comments section of his post to share how glad they are the trio are okay.

“The one thing no one can really prepare you for us what it feels like to get sucked into a rapid. Your life jacket is almost as useless as a seatbelt in a plane crash because the rapid is so powerful it keeps sucking you back underneath like a giant water vacuum recirculating your body over and over. Up is down and down is up and all your ancestors voices are clearer than you’ve ever heard them.”

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