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‘We’re seeking justice for AKA’ – Amakipkip respond to AKA t-shirt uproar

Clothing brand Amakipkip has faced backlash for designing and selling t-shirts with AKA’s image. The late rapper’s fans demand they be removed

Streetwear brand Amakipkip has defended its decision to design and sell AKA merchandise without consent from the Forbes family, with brand founder Nkosana Modise saying the t-shirts are a form of protest for the slain rapper’s justice.

“I’ve got nothing to gain; it’s not even on our platform. We’re seeking justice for AKA,” Modise told The Citizen.

Keeping AKA’s legacy alive

It all started this past weekend when rapper and friend of AKA, Da L.E.S wore the t-shirt at an event. Modise posted an image of the artist in the shirt. AKA’s younger brother complained to the entrepreneur about the designs because he had no consent from the family.

“The brother said who gave me permission? Those who are sensible don’t have a problem. It’s more of a protest by us,” said Modise. “I spoke to the dad, prior to the brother making noise. He’s spoiling the sentiment. The father is not fighting”.

AKA was murdered in Durban earlier this year.

Amakipkip is a local street brand found in 2006. It has been in the forefront of hip-hop streetwear for over a decade, dressing rappers like Jozi, Stilo Magolide, Emtee and a slew of Mzansi hip-hop figures.

“We have a meeting today with the family. As a brand, we’re involved in hip-hop. This is a rap bootleg t-shirt which is normal in hip-hop. You’ve seen similar t-shirts like this of 2Pac or Biggie. It’s a way of commemorating his death” says Modise.

Hip-hop DJ DJ Jawz was also recently spotted wearing the t-shirt. He is one of the brand’s ambassadors. The t-shirts haven’t been advertised on their website, but have done so on their Instagram.

The Citizen‘s attempts to get a hold of Tony Forbes were unsuccessful.

Megacy not pleased

AKA’s fans who are known as the Megacy aren’t happy with the designs. Such is their frustration, that the fans released a statement.

“We as the Megacy do not approve or condone Amakipkip’s recent behaviour of thieving from AKA’s death,” read the short statement.

“We have it on good accord that even the family was never approached about Amakipkip’s merch production. We asked that the brand please take all their advertisement posts down and also remove the merch from their clothing line.

“Failure to do so the brand will be met with ruthless scrutiny. As the Megacy we will never sit by and watch anyone play on our idol’s legacy. We are his army and we will always be here to serve and protect at all costs,” it concluded.

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“The audacity for @AmakipkipGlobal to make this announcement without the family’s approval let alone consulting with them first proves their business ethics are questionable & these stunts will not be tolerated by the MEGACY!,” wrote Rubu Thulisa on Twitter.

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While AKA’s girlfriend Nadia Nakai also shared her frustration on social media. The Citizen tried to get a hold of Nadia but was unsuccessful.

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