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What to expect from Lynn Forbes’ new podcast

Ahead of the podcast's launch, Lynn and her family celebrated AKA's final offering going platinum.

Wellness coach and inspirational speaker Lynn Forbes is set to launch a new podcast series called Outspoken Owls.

She has collaborated with the executive director at Brandfusion and the founder of women empowerment initiative W-Suite Katie Mohamed to bring the podcast to life.

Lynn said she hopes the podcast will ignite dialogue between the listeners and the hosts.

“We have stories to share that I feel will inspire our audience, but we also want to learn from our audience, whether or not they relate to our shared experiences.”

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What to expect from the podcast 

The podcast will apparently reframe the narrative of what it means to be a middle-aged woman.

“Lynn and Katie will help you lug the hard so we can tug life a bit lighter, braver, more uninhibited, and less alone. What is more? They promise to make you laugh. After all, “Life is A Hoot”!

“Each episode is not explicitly about women, but there is a purposeful lean-to discussion on women’s issues,” a statement on the show read.

Co-host Katie said she wants everyone to learn from the podcast.

“Women will relate to the podcast, but many men will learn from it. And I think both of those audiences are important.”

Meanwhile, the album of Lynn’s late son and music superstar AKA recently went platinum.

AKA’s last offering, Mass Country, sold 35 404 units, equivalent to 40 972 888 streams.

In a touching post penned a few days ago on social media, Lynn said her son fulfilled his purpose and left his mark, promising to preserve his legacy.

“This world was not enough for you. You fulfilled your purpose and left your mark. There is nothing left for me to do but preserve your legacy, the masterpiece that you have already built. 

“It’s a complete work of art, and it will live on forever in its own right, without me. I will honour you and preserve your memory, to the best of my ability, for the rest of my life, she wrote.

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