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By Vhahangwele Nemakonde

Digital Deputy News Editor

Our Perfect Wedding – an absolute hit

As usual, Our Perfect Wedding was trending on social media on Sunday night.

South Africans know how to laugh at something ‘unusual’ but also complement when something is beautiful. This time, South Africans made this wedding trend because they thought it was a perfect wedding indeed. This is why we think the wedding was beautiful.

Firstly, we must commend the show for the marketing they do for local businesses; if the decor is beautiful, people get to see it and the decorating team gets more customers, kudos for that.

The decor was beautiful, in fact some people have been asking for the decorating team’s contact details, perhaps they want to have their perfect wedding, who knows?

This week’s kiss was nothing out of the ordinary, just that the couple was a bit shy to seal their vows. The outfits? Perfect, the royal blue and touch of lemon did the trick and the suits fitted the grooms perfectly well.

We were just wondering about the cake, was it supposed to be that skewed or was it actually falling? If it’s the latter, then the baker better up their game.

What we enjoyed most was the umabo. This is where the families exchange gifts and then ask the bride to demonstrate how she will take care of her husband. The woman puts lotion on her husband’s face, if that is the reflection of how it’s going to happen, then the bride should not worry about the nyatsis, they definitely won’t be giving her trouble with a man who has that much lotion on his face. But, we do know it’s all for fun, she probably won’t even do it at all.

Also, what we have been meaning to ask, what does hitting the groom during the umabo ceremony symbolise?

We thought people fitted their rings before buying them for their wedding, but perhaps some people prefer surprises. The ring looked like it was a bit small, how is that possible? Again, the groom is 56 years old and the bride 34, which a lot might think is a big age difference, but for the presenter to call Mrs Masilela’s husband her sugar daddy? We don’t know, what did you think?

There is always that one person who stands out at weddings, either because of their outfit or their behaviour, but there has to be that one person. This wedding was no exception, the dancing guy in a leaopard outfit?

We just had to point it out, he takes the most out-standing person award on that wedding. If he is married, we blame the wife, if not, well…. we still blame the future wife for not being there.


Did you think this was the perfect wedding? Comment below.

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