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18 Sep 2021
11:10 am

‘DJ Zinhle: Unexpected’ – Zinhle opens up about being dragged into Nellie’s death

Kaunda Selisho

DJ Zinhle’s fans will hear how she feels about being involved in Anele Tembe’s passing when DJ Zinhle: Unexpected airs for the first time

DJ Zinhle is set to let fans into her second pregnancy when her new show 'Unexpected' airs on BET from September onwards | Picture: Twitter

At 7:30pm tonight, DJ Zinhle’s fans will hear, verbatim, how she feels about being involved in Anele Tembe’s passing all while trying to mind her business and go on about her life. Anele Tembe’s passing and how it has affected her life are just some of the things she will address when DJ Zinhle: Unexpected airs for the first time on BET (DStv channel 129) on Saturday evening.

In the scene in question, Zinhle can be seen sitting on a couch in her pyjamas while speaking to her friend Nomuzi ‘Moozlie’ Mabena, who stars prominently in the show.

Mabena arrives for a visit and asks Zinhle if she’s okay as she looks visibly sad. 

“Have you seen the stuff on social media?” asks Zinhle, to which Mabena replies: “Okay, let me get a drink, I’ll be back.” 

“The thing about my life is a lot of things happen on social media and they’ve got nothing to do with me most of the time,” said Zinhle in one of her DJ Zinhle: Unexpected confessional/diary sessions on the show as a montage of tweets flashes by on-screen. 

The tweets that are shown are from the time her picture appeared in the slide show at Tembe’s funeral back in April. 

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“They just end up affecting me in some way, and I’ve learned not to care about it but this is also an emotional time in my life as I am pregnant,” she added. 

She then goes on to tell Nomuzi that the situation is not about her and that she does not wish to be involved in the “hectic” situation at hand.

“This is something that is happening in Kiernan’s life but because Kiernan and I have a child together, it ends up affecting me. Kiernan has lost someone he loves and now people are making it about me.”

“In my view right now, there are people that are going through worse with the situation… but it’s just also a bit tough when the comments are so cruel,” continues Zinhle before breaking down in tears.

She expressed her concern for Tembe’s family who have lost their child and her disappointment at how cruel people are being about the loss of life

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DJ Zihnle was also worried about how people would react once finding out about her pregnancy. 

In a touching moment between the friends, Mabena comforts DJ Zinhle and offers her some advice.

The DJ Zinhle: Unexpected episode also introduces viewers to Zinhle’s family and gives a first look inside her relationship with Bongani Mohosana. 

The episode ends on a “cliffhanger” of sorts as Zinhle’s other friend, Pearl Thusi, arrives after being out of the country for a film shoot. At this point in the show, she has not been told about Zinhle’s pregnancy. 

DJ Zinhle: Unexpected begins tonight at 7:30 pm on BET DStv channel 129 and will air every Saturday evening thereafter. For repeat information please access the DStv TV guide.