Kaunda Selisho
Lifestyle Journalist
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25 May 2022
4:38 pm

Somizi shares his fear of the ‘tlof, tlof’ sound

Kaunda Selisho

'I don’t know if you know but I have a phobia for mud… Funny enough, it’s the sound that kills me that goes ‘tlof, tlof’,' said Somizi.

Somizi Mhlongo | Picture: Instagram

There’s no denying that reality star Somizi Mhlongo is unique, hilarious and open. Just when fans think they have learned all there is to know about him, they learn something new. 

Last week, they learned about his fear of the ‘tlof, tlof’ sound, more specifically, his fear of mud. 

Speaking to his friend Vusi Nova ahead of preparations for his 49th birthday celebrations, Somizi said that he had not gone to visit his mother’s grave on his birthday as previously planned because it was raining that day (and there would, therefore, be mud at the gravesite). 

“I don’t know if you know but I have a phobia for mud… Funny enough, it’s the sound that kills me that goes ‘tlof, tlof’ but I’m not scared of tlof tlof itself,” he added. 

The word served as a double entendre of sorts to refer to the sound he says mud makes when people walk though it but ‘tlof, tlof’ is also modern-day slang for sex. 

Elsewhere in the episode, Somizi said a prayer for his dream man after receiving flowers from a friend. 

He mused about how he doesn’t receive flowers from lovers because he usually dates what he calls “broke” men.

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He then prayed for a man who has at least half his money, half the amount of cars he owns, half the amount of properties he owns and twice the “schlong” (penis size) he has. 

In his heart to heart with Vusi Nova, the pair spoke about the public’s continued fascination with Vusi’s sexuality, the nature of their friendship and Somizi’s desire to get married again someday. 

“Vusi is the most romantic human being you have ever met and I don’t blame people when they think we are dating. No! Vusi is not my type,” he declared as he reflected in a diary session about the birthday gifts Vusi got him.

“I’m going to get married three times!” joked Somizi, comparing his marriage to Mohale to a dress rehearsal. 

He said his upcoming nuptials would be the “sound check” and his third, and final marriage would be the performance supplement. 

The conversation got serious for a moment when the reality star reflected on what he calls one of the worst years of his life due to the betrayal he faced and added that he would have been justified had he decided to take his own life to end the pain he was feeling. 

The episode also followed the latest developments in Bahumi’s quest to take her father’s surname, which has been met with resistance by her maternal grandfather.

In the fourth episode of Living The Dream With Somizi, which began streaming today, we got a look inside Somizi’s 49th birthday celebrations attended by the likes of Cassper Nyovest, Pearl Thusi, Judith Sephuma, Brunette Seopela, DJ Zinhle and Rami Chuene, to name a few. 

The guests congregated to speak about Cassper Nyovest’s boxing match against vlogger Slik Talk. 

The rapper explained his decision to participate in the match and he waxed lyrical about bullies, toxicity and social media. 

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He also revealed that he is keen to work with the vlogger to help him build himself up and change his approach to his career because Cassper doesn’t believe Slik Talk doesn’t fully grasp what he is doing. 

Later on in the episode, we see Somizi packing Mohale’s stuff and reflecting on the breakdown of his marriage and what it means to him before he flies off to Cape Town to party up a storm in Camps Bay with family for the festive season.

He then concludes the episode by indirectly calling Mohale a con artist for wanting half of his estate in the divorce settlement during a call with his friend Shawn Mkhize whom he asked for assistance with the contact details for a tax specialist as he concluded the details of his divorce.