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‘Real Housewives of Durban’: Annie goes back to being the bad guy

Annie Mthembu once again angered 'Real Housewives of Durban' fans when she not only stirred the pot but slighted her co-star, Slee.

The Real Housewives of Durban (RHODurban) is proving to be the clear fan favourite on Showmax. It never fails to trend each week as fans share their thoughts after each new episode drops.

This week saw the ladies share more about their personal lives as most appeared in scenes with their family members before ending the episode off on a dramatic note at Maria’s party thanks to Annie Mthembe.

Nonku shares her fears

The Real Housewives of Durban (RHODdurban) stars Nonku Williams and Dumisani Ndlazi
The Real Housewives of Durban (RHODdurban) stars Nonku Williams and Dumisani Ndlazi

It is unclear who Siya is to Nonku but she met with him again this week to discuss her relationship and she revealed that she does not use the car that her new beau, Dumisani Ndlazi, bought for her. 

“I don’t like being controlled,” she explained, before adding, “I think there’s something like a panic button or something that just goes off in me.” 

Nonku, who has been married before, said she is plagued by the feeling of not wanting her partner to feel like he has the upper hand in the relationship and that feeling makes her apprehensive about accepting his grand overtures. 

The Real Housewives of Durban star said her main concerns are that she does not want to be “played,” abused or for the relationship to be based on a lie. 

She also shared that she often provokes him in order to see the worst in him because past experience has taught her that most men have that side to them. 

Boo-bear’s romantic surprise 

Jojo and her husband Calven continued their nouveau riche schtick at a romantic surprise lunch for her where he gifted her jewellery featuring some large gemstones. 

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The pair then shared a romantic lunch, declaring their love for each other before Jojo tried to sell the idea of cosmetic surgery. 

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Slee battles mom guilt

Slee met up with her sister to thank her for stepping up to care for her children as she settled into her past relationship. She also spoke about how she doesn’t want her children to feel as though she had chosen a man over them by leaving them behind to pursue her relationship with AmaZulu boss, Sandile Zungu.

“That’s why I’m grateful for you because you just held it down in my absence and I don’t want you to think that I was taking it for granted… Not a day would go by without me thinking of ways of getting my kids to be with me,” Slee told her sister. 

Later on, in The Real Housewives of Durban episode, she took her children Bayanda, 16, and Enhle, 11, out in an effort to bond with them. 

She asked the girls to share their feelings about her separating from their father and leaving them behind to go start a new relationship. 

After the kids got candid with her, she apologised for her part in their pain before promising to do better moving forward. 

They also asked her why Aunty Nonku doesn’t come around as often as she used to and she told them that she and Nonku are in a place where they can no longer be friends but she assured them that the situation should not affect their relationship with Nothile (Nonku’s daughter). 

Slow down Viv

After opening up about what life is like being married to a busy multi-millionaire in the last episode of The Real Housewives of Durban, Sorisha sat down with her husband Vivian Reddy to ask him to slow down. 

During their conversation, he shared his dreams of starting an international project as it is one of the goals he has yet to achieve. 

He also promised to spend more time with the children after he returns from the trip to Dubai that he had planned to get his project started. 

Accepting her own faults, she admitted to mirroring Viv’s behaviour of being a workaholic at the expense of spending time and creating memories with their children. 

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“As of this week, my Fridays are going to be off. I’m gonna cut off my Fridays and we’re gonna go and pick up the kids from school,” promised Viv before Sorisha joked that she needed his promise in writing. 

Maria’s Greek Goddess party

Upon joining The Real Housewives of Durban, Maria expressed her disappointment at not being able to build a relationship with Sorisha, the show’s perceived “grootman.” The pair had since spoken about Maria’s feelings and endeavoured to build a friendship, opening the way for Maria to host her first event.

She invited the women to a Greek Goddess-themed party meant to celebrate her but she did gift the women with luxury perfumes as a gesture aimed at celebrating her guests as well. 

The gesture was well-received as the women were impressed with their gifts. Sorisha even went as far as stating that the gift was her “signature vibe.” 

She then asked her guests to choose one person at the table to say something nice about them. Nonku challenged Jojo to choose Slee and say something nice about her and Jojo acquiesced, extending an olive branch to Slee which Slee accepted. 

Annie stirred the pot, questioning the validity of Jojo’s attempt to make peace after what Jojo had said about Slee to Annie. 

Taking the opportunity to hash things out, Nonku also asked for honesty regarding the things that were said about her relationship in her absence. 

The situation then devolved into chaos with people not remembering what was said. 

Annie then decided to continue keeping her distance from Slee, stating that she had heard so many negative things about her. Maria threw a spanner into the works by inviting Sane to the event and Annie immediately confronted her for her comment about Annie “sleeping her way to the top.” 

Annie and Sorisha immediately left and Nonku called Sorisha “Annie’s puppy.” 

Jojo ran after the pair to reveal that she had planned to invite the entire group on a trip to the Drakensberg for The Real Housewives of Durban cast and Sorisha asked if Sane would be invited. Jojo later invited Sane. 

Elsewhere, Maria lost her cool lambasting the women for not only leaving her event and being rude but for not giving Sane a chance to show her good side. 

Sane turned on the waterworks as she cried about being misunderstood as the women watched the theatrics, unmoved by Sane’s tears. 

Sane apologised for offending people and said she would not justify why she did what she did. 

In turn, Nonku apologised for judging her and calling her an evil witch. 

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