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Viewers of ‘The Wife’ are tired of the sex scenes

It seems as though Sambulo and Xoli are the latest characters on The Wife to be tasked with delivering the obligatory weekly sex scenes.

This week, viewers of The Wife got to see what happened in the aftermath of Qhawe and Naledi’s accident which saw Naledi in need of surgery while Qhawe survived with minimal injuries. 

In the dramatic fashion of the show, she found herself in need of surgery and it was – coincidentally – performed by her colleague (Tsietsi) and she was discharged shortly thereafter to go recover at home under the care of her father and boyfriend. 

This came after a brief hospital stay where her sister (Tshedi) overheard their father telling an unconscious Naledi that he would choose to save her over Tshedi if faced with a life-threatening emergency between the two of them.

Viewers of The Wife were further subjected to awkward, nonsensical exchanges between chief Kgosi and Qhawe as the sworn enemies continued to plot against each other. 

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Elsewhere in the storyline, Hlomu dealt with the aftermath of the fight she got into at the opening of her restaurant. Hlomu also seems to be kicking off a new romance with someone unexpected. An affair that Mqhele will most likely use as an excuse to abuse Hlomu once again. 

In between the drama with Hlomu and the drama with Naledi were some scenes with Sambulo and Xoli, and most fans of The Wife have complained about the sex scenes stating that they are played out and highly unnecessary at this point. 

The illegal diamond business storyline also cooled off a little this week in lieu of the focus on Naledi and Hlomu, however, the chief and his associates were able to discover, this week, that the Zulu brothers are the ones behind their troubles.

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