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WATCH: SA’s favourite Detective, Benny Griessel, now in a major TV series

The series will premiere exclusively on M-Net tonight.

The most iconic character in SA literature, Detective Benny Griessel, will be on M-Net tonight at 8 pm, portrayed by the renowned actor Hilton Pelser, on a new series, Devil’s Peak.

Devil’s Peak is a five-episode crime thriller based on the best-selling 2004 novel by the world-renowned South African writer Deon Meyer.

In the series, Benny is tasked with tracking down a righteous yet bloody vigilante called the Assegai Killer. While circling one another, Benny and the vigilante are brought into the orbit of a desperate single mother, Christine, who is willing to do anything to achieve a better life for herself and her daughter.

Hilton said bringing the character of Detective Benny to life was not easy as he had to carry the character’s energy, addiction, and anxiety.

“I was often exhausted on set. Everyone was so sensitive to what I needed and was always there to offer help in whatever shape or form that would take. I don’t see doing a role like this without a cast and crew behind you like that,” he said.

He added: “I felt so much love and care on set and that makes working so much easier.”

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Other stars to see on Devil’s Peak tonight

The series boasts a South African cast with both celebrated names and up-and-coming stars like Sisanda Henna, Tarryn Wyngaard, Shamilla Miller, and Masasa Mbangeni.

Speaking at the series’ media launch, Masasa also commented on how collaborative the team was and how the cast bonded during filming.

“The quality of the work is indicative of the degree of care each person took in their respective portfolio. Whether you were a writer, an actor, or part of the crew, everyone understood the importance of honouring such a great story. I hope South Africa and the world see it in the end product.

“It was so amazing to learn from actors like Gerard Rudolf and Tshamano Sebe. They were so generous with their experience and talent. They are legends in South Africa and to sit at their feet and learn it was such an honour.”

Devil’s Peak media launch was held in Cape Town earlier this month, on 5 October.

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