Hein Kaiser
2 minute read
29 Jun 2021
9:00 am

Five unlikely erogenous zones and how to use them correctly

Hein Kaiser

Try these unlikely erogenous zones in the run-up to sex. It's not your every day turn-on, but chances are good that it should be.

The inner elbow is an unlikely but effective erogenous zone. Picture Supplied

We all know the countdown. First base, second base, third base, home run. But take a step back and consider foreplay to be almost like theatre, with several acts that carry an overall plot of absolute pleasure in sex. For a standing ovation, take it slow, explore your partner’s body and discover more than just the usual hit parade of erogenous zones. To start, investigate these five areas with your lover. You will never look back.

1. The Brain

The brain is the ultimate erogenous zone. This is where we “get into the mood” for some action. It reacts strongly and favourably to the body being caressed and touched. But interestingly, it also reacts this way when seeing someone else being caressed and touched. It does not have to be porn, a love scene in a Fifty Shades of Grey will suffice. Being in the right “sex” frame of mind impacts your stimulation.

2. The pulse

It is not just where you feel your pulse. The inner wrist has a lot of nerve endings and right at the “pulse-point” if your partner touches you gently at first, a slight brush of the fingers, a slip of the lips, it becomes a very sensual and arousing moment, quickly.

3. The inner elbow

Further up your arm, the inner elbow can be equally as erotic. It will end your thoughts about it being near the funny-bone, fast. Start with gentle kissing right in the centre of your inner-elbow bend with a couple of soft-touch finger strokes. A slight scratch or tickle with trimmed nails also does the trick. The inner elbow is a great way to start play when in public, like in a theatre, a movie or a restaurant.

4. The scalp

Highly arousing for women, the scalp sees a whole lot of nerve endings come together beneath your hair. A scalp massage releases, experts say, oxytocin that creates a sense of relaxation while also engendering sensual pleasure. For men, believe it or not, the armpit is a sensual treasure chest with a bit of tongue play and massage, you can transport him to a state of euphoria. Just be mindful of some deo-residue. Sex will follow soon.

5. The nose

Eskimos rub their noses when they say “hello”. It is also an unlikely but very real erogenous zone. The nose is made from erectile tissue. Give it a test drive by lightly brushing your partner’s face with your fingertips, do not use your nails, then slightly circle each nostril and gently touching the cleft between the nose and the upper lip. It is a sensation that once felt, will forever become part of your warm-up sensual ritual.


Try these at home. Try them in public. Create a zone between you and your partner that warms up your engines in a slow-tango to the bedroom, the couch or even before you get home, or the back seat.