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14 Sep 2021
3:02 pm

Daily hacks: Transform your baggy T-shirt into a top without any sewing

Lerato Maimela

In our 'Daily hacks' series, we bring you the latest tips and tricks to transform your life and save you money.

A cute DIY T-shirt. Picture: Pinterest

Nothing beats comfortable clothing when you’re lounging and binge watching your favourite movies and series, trying new and exciting recipes for yourself and the family, spending some hours in the sun in your backyard, or even doing some cleaning and tidying up.

We all love spending most of, if not the whole day in baggy T-shirts and baggy sweatpants, which might result in your closet having more T-shirts that one could possibly need.

With summer approaching and the accessibility of the Covid-19 vaccine allowing for more public places to open, you do not need to buy a whole new wardrobe, because you can transform your basic tee’s into cute summer shirts.

Here are five ways to transform your T-shirts into summer tops:

The string trick summer shirt

This T-shirt hack posted by Lucy Appleton on TikTok does not require you to cut your T-shirt or make any alterations on your T-shirt, allowing you to be able to wear it again as a normal basic tee.

In the video we see her using a string that is the same colour as her T-shirt. She puts the string inside her shirt, making sure that the one end of the string is visible at the bottom of the shirt and the other end is visible at the top of the shirt.

She then pulls the string on both ends and bring them together to tie a knot, pulling the T-shirt together to create a crop, V-neck T-shirt look.

She then finished off the look by tying the remaining ends of the string at the back of her neck, to create a cute design that finishes off the look.

One side in, one side out

This T-shirt trick posted by Jessica Famendo also requires no scissors or sewing.

In the video, the TikTok user wears a plain black short sleeve T-shirt, and wears one side of the shirt normally, while flipping the other side of the shirt inside out.

This hack creates a baggy, long v-neck crop shirt which allows for you to pair it with a cute neck piece.

Crop shirt with hair ties

Vaishnavi Naik has taken to TikTok to show an easy T-shirt hack which transforms her baggy T-shirt into crop shirts.

In her video she is seen tying both sides of her T-shirt with black hair ties. She then tucks in the two loose sides tied with hair ties into the side of her pants, and then folds in the access material of her T-shirt in the front and the back of the shirt.

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Tighter tuck-in fit

Tucking in a baggy T-shirt for a simple T-shirt and jean outfit has been an ongoing trends for years, but sometimes you don’t want a baggy tucked-in look, but rather a tight, fitting t-shirt look to go with your outfit.

The official Style TikTok page has shared a video on how to achieved a tight tucked in T-shirt look with your basic, baggy shirts.

The video shows a woman grabbing each side of the grey T-shirt she is wearing with each hand and then crossing the two sides of the shirt.

Without letting go, she tucks in the T-shirt in her pants, and also tucks in the access material at the bottom of the shirt into her pants.

At the end of the video, we see that her T-shirt now appears to be tighter, and also has a cute pattern and design which she has created for herself.

The official TikTok T-shirt hack

This T-shirt hack has been an ongoing trend on TikTok, and everyone who has tried has said that it gives amazing results. This T-shirt hack will require cutting and alterations, but once you are done it will be transformed into a completely different summer top.

TikTok user Blake Healey has shared a step by step tutorial on how she achieved the official TikTok T-shirt hack.

She starts off the video by saying that you will need a super baggy T-shirt to get the most desirable results,

She then goes on to cutting a baggy T-shirt in half, and then cuts off a strip for the bottom half of the shirt that she had already cut off.

She continues by cutting the strip in the middle, creating a long string. She then takes the bottom half of the T-shirt which she had cut off earlier and places it around her body, with the two sides of the shirt facing forward.

At the end of the video she then puts the string into the one side of the shirt from the bottom, and then puts the other side of the string into the other side of the shirt from the top. She then pulled the strings closer together and crossed them over her neck, finally tying then behind her neck.

This hack creates a cute bralette top that can be worn with any pants, skirts or shorts in the summertime.