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Lerato Maimela
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15 Oct 2021
4:28 pm

Daily hacks: Create these three homemade face masks

Lerato Maimela

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Woman applying a homemade face mask. Picture: iStock

Skincare is very important but can be extremely expensive.

There are thousands of skincare products available to moisturise and protect your skin, but choosing the ones for you can be very overwhelming.

These three homemade face masks are created using natural products and ingredients which have shown to have many benefits to your skin.

Cut the cost of buying skincare products and create these amazing, quick and easy homemade face masks.

Aloe vera face mask

This aloe vera face masks assists in brightening and clearing your skin.

TikTok user Sujata Karki shared a video on how to create an aloe vera face mask, which will show results in no time.

She begins by removing the outer layers of the aloe vera, and then throwing it into a blender and blending it.

She then adds turmeric powder into a bowl and then adds the aloe vera to create an aloe and turmeric face mask.

Once she has mixed both ingredients thoroughly, she then adds a view drops of vitamin C to her face mask recipe, and then applies it directly onto her skin using a medium-sized brush.

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Sugar, honey and coffee face mask

Hillary Rodriguez shared a video on TikTok on how she has managed to clear her acne using a sugar, honey and coffee face mask twice a day.

She leaves the face mask on for 25 minutes, and then rubs it into her skin and washes it off with warm water.

Using this homemade face mask daily has cleared her acne and given her clear, smoother skin.

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Honey and turmeric face mask

The Bondenavant TikTok account shared a homemade face mask recipe which works to lighten your red face marks as well as brighten your skin.

In the video, she mixes honey and turmeric together in a bowl, and then applies the mixture directly onto her skin.

She advises that the face mask should be left on the skin for 15 minutes to get the best glowing results.

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