Daily hacks: How to remove your leg and arm hair in 10 minutes

The latest trending trick offers pain-free hair removal in record time, and with the promise of no ingrown hairs.

A real incubator for trends, TikTok is full of tips and tricks of all kinds to help shake up the beauty routines of people around the world, all while scoring a bunch of ‘likes’ in the process.

The latest trending trick offers pain-free hair removal in record time, and with the promise of no ingrown hairs. Impossible, you say?

Recycling is undoubtedly a number one pastime for TikTokers. But this (unfortunately) has nothing to do with ecology. It’s about the constant revival — over and again — of beauty trends, tricks and hacks from the past.

Not content with digging out their grandmother’s classics, such as sugar waxing for hair removal, TikTok users are also harking back to products that were viral several years ago.

This is the case of “Magic Shaving Powder,” which is making a comeback on the Chinese social network as summer approaches.

Several users seem to be (re)discovering the ‘virtues’ of this powder, which regularly stirs up a buzz on social networks.

One of the most viewed videos to date, that of Hannah Wehring, dates back to 2021. The trend is not new, but it does seem to be getting more and more followers, among women and men alike.

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Note that the shaving powder is originally aimed at men, for beard grooming in particular, but TikTokers have decided — once again — to divert the product from its primary function.

Hannah Wehring didn’t hesitate to give it a try, to achieve quick, efficient and painless hair removal on her legs.

The young woman, totally enthralled by her new beauty essential, first prepares her mixture in a bowl, combining the product with water to transform it into a sort of paste.

Then she spreads it on her legs, and leaves it to work for a few minutes before showing that — ta da! — the hair is gone.

In the meantime, she obviously rinsed the product off with a flannel, a sponge or a towel, and water.

@hannah_wehring I had to try it so you didn’t have to ???? #magicshavingpowder #shavingpowder #shavinghack #magicshavepowder ♬ original sound – Alyssa Marie Gray

According to users who have tested (and adopted) this magic powder — whose packaging makes it look more like a beer than a hair removal product — the result is impressive and, of course, quick and painless.

The cherry on the cake is that the powder also supposedly stops you getting ingrown hairs. What’s not to like?

The hashtag #MagicShavingPowder counts more than 100 million views on the social network, reflecting users’ interest in its supposed benefits.

Nevertheless, some people do mention irritations. It is therefore better that sensitive skins abstain, or even seek the advice of a healthcare professional.

Or, for an easier option, you can just run out to the store and grab a regular hair removal cream — widely available in supermarkets, as well as from specialist retailers. Just as simple, fast and effective.

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