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Five corporate gift trends in 2019

The idea of stationery as a gift may sound mundane, but personalised stationery is more than pens and notepads.

As the year ends and we reflect on the success of the organisation, it is important to acknowledge the people who contributed to getting the company across the finish line.

But rather than resorting to the same tired corporate gifts, businesses can employ some flair and present their clients and staff members with creatively personalised souvenirs that will not end up in the crowded “promo draw”.

Using only locally sourced and produced products, Elsebe Koorsen, Managing Director of a luxury gifting service The Luxe Box, compiled five gifting trends of 2019.

These are for anyone looking to make an impression on their clients and staff members that will be remembered well into the New Year.

Personalised leather products

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Leather has that classical feel to it. It is also known for maintaining its pristine appearance even as it ages.

Personalised leather products are suitable for all genders and generations in the corporate space. Young and old are appreciative of personalised leather gifts.

 Luxury handmade edibles and confectionery

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For those with a penchant for sweeter things, local chocolatiers have mastered the art of milk and cocoa.

Local chocolatiers have delectable innovative flavors that can give even the Swiss an education on the complexities of good chocolate.

Local gin/gin botanicals and craft syrups

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The end of the year is a time to be amongst friends and family, celebrating each other’s achievements.

Nothing brings a group of people together like a tasty alcoholic beverage, especially one that is as dynamic and flavorsome as craft gin.

Local organic skincare

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The hustle and bustle of the year can take its toll on us, and the first signs of prolonged stress are often felt by our skins. This can lead to breakouts or the break down of collagen, resulting in dry wrinkled skin.

Treat your clients, staff or yourself with organic skincare to cleanse, revitalise and restore skin to its pristine form. Start the New Year with a noticeable glow.

Personalised stationery

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The idea of stationery as a gift may sound mundane, but personalised stationery is more than pens and notepads. It might be the oldest gift in corporate SA but it is still widely appreciated.

“South Africa produces quality and premium products that are appreciated by a lot of people, therefore everything on the list is influenced by the demand of South Africans made throughout the year when ordering corporate gifts,” concludes Koorsen.

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