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Kaunda Selisho
Lifestyle Journalist
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7 May 2019
10:50 am

Thava restaurant is Indian food at its best

Kaunda Selisho

The restaurant's gourmet food cart concept will offer Montecasino patrons authentic Indian street food.

Thava Indian Restuarant at Montecasino.

While the residents of Norwood may be familiar with all the incredible offerings at Thava Indian Restaurant, visitors at Montecasino will finally get a taste of Thava’s fresh and new take on Indian cuisine at the restaurant’s new location.

The restaurant’s seating plan and intimate design lend themselves to its menu which was designed for sharing, tasting, enjoying and experiencing.

In addition to featuring the freshest local ingredients and aromatic spices, all the chefs at Thava’s are from India; a choice made by the owner in an effort “to retain the feel of the old country”.

Thava at Montecasino.

The menu is rooted in recipes handed down to owner Mathew Abrahams by his mother who birthed him in Kerala, an Indian state on the southwestern Malabar coast.

Abrahams works closely with chef Philippe Frydman, who has been the consultant for Thava since it was established nearly a decade ago. Together, they aim to deliver the Indian cuisine “with a difference” at the new Montecasino restaurant.

During Thava’s opening last week, I was treated to an array of vegetarian, lamb, chicken and seafood dishes served in fragrant curries, biriyanis and stews alongside traditional breads, rice dishes and side dishes.

Chilli prawns.

Having tasted the dishes alongside a colleague of Indian descent proves just how authentic the dishes are as she remarked that they remind her of home.

Perhaps the most interesting innovation is Thava’s gourmet food cart concept which will offer Montecasino patrons authentic Indian street food and a casual sit-down area opposite Skoobs where they can watch the world go by as their tastebuds are transported to the heart of India.

Among the dishes, all designed for takeaway, are tandoori bunny, paani poori, momos, vegetable patties and panjabi chaat, to name but a few.

“Many residents of Joburg already know and love Thava from their Norwood restaurant, and this new Montecasino branch takes an already great restaurant to the next level,” Mike Page, operations director and complex general manager of Montecasino, said in a statement.

Chef Bala Krishna with a selection of gourmet street food.

“Thava Montecasino has the same exceptional commitment to delivering food that is authentic, real and true to its heritage, but blended with a dash or two of innovation – something we pride ourselves on at Montecasino.

“This is Indian food at its best, in a prime location, with a beautiful interior and a funky street food vibe to bring it all together.

“It is certainly delivering on Montecasino’s promise that ‘We’ve Got It’.”

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