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By Cornelia Le Roux

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‘It’s giving SWAT vibes!’: Is this Mzansi’s hottest police officer? [PICS]

True blue: Is police officer Devan Cox the perfect example of why women 'love a man in uniform'? Take a look and judge for yourself.

Police officer Devon Cox has set the internet ablaze after a smitten fan shared a post of the hunky cop looking all dapper in his uniform.

It appears that the handsome “Man in Blue”, who originally hails from the Eastern Cape, regularly posts updates on social media with his latest photo gaining viral status.

Sight of police officer makes ladies go weak at the knees

In the photo posted on 17 April, Cox appears all dressed up in his police uniform and ready for action on his Facebook account with the caption:

Same game different level [sic].

A woman who goes by the handle Momma Bear, wasted no time in sharing the photo of the police officer on X.

Her post, captioned, “It’s giving SWAT vibes!!…Oh, Dear Lord SAPS”, has received 669 000 views the last time we checked.

Mzansi reacts to viral post of Saps officer

The comment section did not disappoint, with several men speaking up as women crushed and gushed over the police officer’s good looks.

Ous’Bongi wa Atchaer: “I’d get myself arrested for bridging electricity”.

Thembisile Q: “This must be AI because soze”.

Tumelo: “SAPS is finally beginning to shake things up… We’ve had it with the pot belly older men. Where is he stationed? I need to certify some documents”.

To which Momma Bear responded: “I will commit crime every day for this”.

Fortunate: “Going through the comments, you can see how weak our sisters are”.

P_iwe X 44: Oh my, I honestly feel like I am guilty of something, I should be investigated, lmao”.

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LOOK: More pics of hot cop Devan Cox

On Facebook, the police officer — who looks as if he just stepped out of a Hollywood cop movie — describes himself as an “adventurer”.

Here are some more pics for the ladies! Take a look:

police officer
Officer Devan Cox strikes a pose. Photos: Facebook
police officer
police officer Devan Cox

Why are women attracted to men in uniform?

In a 1995, the Los Angeles Times delved into women’s psychological gravitational pull towards a man in uniform.

In the article, DePaul University psychology professor Midge Wilson explained that “a man in uniform taps into…heroism, protection and power”.

“He also suggests a chance for excitement and adventure,” Wilson said.

In an article in The Times of India, Dr Geetanjali Sharma, a marriage and relationship counsellor, suggests that, since ancient times, women prefer a partner who can protect them.

“It can be assumed that men in uniform are the modern day ‘saviours’ and hence the attraction,” Sharma was quoted as saying.

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