6 beauty tips to beat winter

Walk through your favourite cosmetics store and you’d be forgiven for being slightly confused.

All of a sudden bu­tter belongs on your body instead of in your fridge and a serum on your face instead of in the lab. With winter kicking in, here’s a li­ttle guide to stocking up on your beauty basics this season.

Like the name suggests, the idea is to clean skin, usually the face. Unlike a normal soap which can cause acne, or a facial wash which works on the surface of the skin, a cleanser goes a bit deeper to get rid of dead skin cells which may clog the pores, and removes make-up and bacteria. A cleansing product should form part of a skin regime including a toner and moisturiser.

The biggest difference between a serum and a normal moisturiser is the molecules in a face cream are bigger than that of a serum.
Serums are better for problem-prone skin, such as one prone to unevenness. Do you need a face cream and a serum? The short answer is no. Choose the face cream if you are happy and only buy a serum if there is problem you want to work on. Don’t use both.

Picture: iStockphoto.

Picture: iStockphoto.

If you are thinking wall paint, you are probably on the right track, but wrong application. Simply put, primer preps the skin for the foundation. It helps even bumps so when foundation is applied it glides on. Primers can be quite expensive but buy a good product to avoid the “crumbling” sensation. If there is any beauty product you buy this season, make sure it’s a good primer– it’s the start of great make-up.

Foundation and concealer
This is probably one of the most confusing sections at the make-up counter, simply because a concealer can come in various forms; powder, liquid, or compact. The foundation can also come in many forms – mineral powder, mousse, or liquid. To make matters even more confusing, foundations and concealers appear in very similar colours. The rule of thumb is choose one shade lighter for your concealer than your foundation. Your foundation should be applied first, giving it a few seconds to set, then the concealer should be applied to cover any spots and blemishes the foundation may have missed.

Image credit: Big Stock

Image credit: Big Stock

Powder vs bronzer
A powder simply mattifies the skin and seals in the foundation or make-up. It helps foundation from sliding off the face, especially when the humidity is high. Try to use a translucent powder to seal in the make-up to avoid looking like a geisha. A bronzer is exactly that – it gives you a bronzed-over appearance, fooling everyone into thinking you have just returned from a trip to Hawaii. Bronzer can be applied to the temples, forehead and chin.

Lipbalm vs lipstick vs lipgloss
Lipbalms are great for chapped, dried lips. They should be applied before lipstick to smooth the lips and also act as a base to help lipstick last longer. Lipsticks can be pricey, but I suggest buying four good ones to last throughout the year, one for each season. Brighter shades work for the warmer months and berry colours work well for the cooler months. Lipgloss can be applied last, to ensure the lipstick holds in place for longer.

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