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Valentine’s Day: Last minute sexy gift ideas to spice up date night

Valentine’s Day’s stock standards are flowers, chocolates and lingerie. But things are changing a bit, says online retailer Sexy Curves’ Priscilla Olivier

It’s a day of flowers, cheesy cards and expensive restaurant bookings. But there’s no reason why a picnic or candlelit dinner at home, followed by some naughty gifts and fun couldn’t outperform anyone’s expectations of a romantic and sensual night at home.

Valentine’s Day’s stock standards are flowers, chocolates and lingerie. But things are changing a bit, says online retailer Sexy Curves’ Priscilla Olivier: “In recent years there has been a definite increase in demand for items that add to the experience, for instance massage candles and oils, satin blindfolds, couple’s toys, adult games, body paints, enhancers and bondage products.”

Roses are taking a back seat this year

She said that people are dipping their toes in new waters this Valentine’s Day, so to speak. Compared to last year, the past twelve months seemed to have made people more adventurous. She said: “I feel last year there was more of a literal take on Valentine’s lingerie with heart prints and embroidery. This year our clients are experimenting and getting playful with leather and more naughty style looks that still have a Valentine’s flair.”

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Sexy gift ideas for Valentine’s Day

Racy lacy items remain popular and are a stock standard this time of year. Olivier said that its delicate and transparent properties are eternally sensual. But she added that there’s a trend toward a wet look and faux leather, both extremely popular, and more and more people feeling comfortable with edgier looks.

And pushing the envelope is becoming the norm. Judging by sales, role play is gaining traction and popularity in South Africa, said Olivier.

“Sales increase dramatically during Valentine’s season with loads of sexy costumes. The old favourites are always present such as schoolgirls, nurses, bunnies and French maids’ outfits but again a huge trend seems to be costumes with components of a wet look or faux leather.”

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A new website was even launched to facilitate fantasy and role play for couples, particularly useful after a romantic or sensual shopping spree. It teaches people how to get maximum fun from their play.

lingerie sex
Lingerie that flatters the body is the ultimate turn on. Picture Supplied

The site, called realizedfantasy.com, was started by a husband-and-wife team who realised, after a romantic holiday, that there are envelopes to push in their relationship. It inspired the website’s content and, said founder Aviv Ben Menachem, role play has the potential to add more than spice to a relationship. He said it engenders a significant dose of intimacy and trust.

Introducing role play to sex

Menachem said: “Introducing role play to sex turns ordinary sex into erotic sex. There’s a famous equation that says: Erotica equals sex multiplied by imagination. Our minds are our most important organ for sex, and instigating our imagination is key to taking our sex to the erotic level.”

Olivier agrees with this sentiment and lands it right back on Valentine’s Day. She said Valentine’s Day is all about taking the time to make your partner feel special and reigniting that emotional connection. “What can be a sexier gift to your partner than yourself? It is important to make Valentine’s Day a pleasurable and memorable experience that gets your relationship out of routine.”

Popular sex toys

Sexy toys for between the sheets remain evergreen in popularity. And while living on the edge and going to extremes might not be for everyone, Olivier said that there’s a great in-between for couples. It’s adventurous but, not over the top. She describes the toy: “A c-string is underwear that has no sides and a front slot made specifically to accommodate a bullet vibrator. Or even a magnetic vibrator which can be worn with any undies as it clamps the fabric between the magnets. Make it even more fun with a remote vibrator so you can tease your partner at the push of a button.”

On her site, Olivier also sells a 30-Day Romantic Challenge game. It’s been growing in popularity. She said it’s a great tool, beyond just buying naughties, to enhance relationships and bring couples closer together while unfolding a mysterious journey along the way.

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And as people are becoming more adventurous and intimate, Olivier said, so too the lines have become blurred when it comes to who’s buying. Now she said the split between men and women is equal, but the motive for shopping naughty remains a little different.

“Women take more into consideration what will be flattering on their bodies and make them feel most confident, while men shop based on the fantasies they would like to fulfil.”

Fulfilling fantasies together, especially during the month of love, could set a solid foundation for the balance of the year. Menachem used role play as an example and said: “I think it gives couples an opportunity to explore and challenge different parts of their personalities. Shy people could become more open and playful, in control partners could play the vulnerable character and vice versa. Fantasy allows us to contest our self-consciousness, abandon the routine and experience ourselves anew.”

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