Charl Bosch
Online Motoring Reporter
4 minute read
12 Dec 2019
9:56 am

Treading the line between budget and premium

Charl Bosch

Budget tyres are by no means safe and inferior compared to brands whose high prices are justified when you take into account the actual design and engineering that goes into them

When it comes to the age old question of tyres, chance are that two utterances would usually be murmured; a) all tyres are the same and b) why should I spend R1 000 per tyre when I can buy a cheaper one for less? As crucial as it is to keep the mechanical components of a vehicle in rude health, tyres arguably play a more prominent role as they serve as the sole contact patch between the vehicle and road, in addition to supporting the actual weight and providing traction. It therefore remains a huge worry that this most critical...