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Spider or 4E? Alfa Romeo replacing 4C with an EV in 2028

Final decision surrounding the newcomer's name will only be made once development reaches its final stages.

Ahead of its move towards complete electric propulsion in 2027, Alfa Romeo has confirmed it will be introducing a replacement for the 4C the following year rumoured to be called the 4E.

Long-time coming

A move that will come nine years after the discontinuation of the 4C, the reported 4E is expected to make use of one of parent company Stellantis’s new STLA platforms, although at present, the identity of the exact one remains unknown.

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Its intended reveal year preceding that of the still unnamed flagship SUV that will take-up station above the Stelvio, a return of the iconic Spider name has also not been ruled following it’s ultimate cancellation along with the GT and GTV designations four years ago in the run-up to the merger between Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) and the PSA Group that led to the creation of Stellantis.

Alfa Romeo set replace 4C with an EV in 2028
End of Spider production in 2019 brought a halt to the 4C entirely. Image: Alfa Romeo.

“There are some items from Alfa Romeo that we don’t kill: one is the Spider, the other is a love of cars. We do want to continue them, because that’s the brand. And that’s in our ideas, so let’s see if we can make that a plan,” Alfa Romeo’s Head of Products, Daniel Guzzafame, told Britain’s Autocar earlier this month.

Finances are there

Addressing the publication on the sidelines of the unveiling of the limited edition 33 Stradale, Guzzafame said a decision surrounding the newcomer’s name will only be made once development reaches the final stages.

Alfa Romeo set replace 4C with an EV in 2028
33 Stradale will serve as styling inspiration for the eventual 4E/Spider. Image: Alfa Romeo

The executive also indicated that Alfa Romeo’s financial situation has provided it with more than enough space to consider another sports car that will reportedly take styling hints from the 33 Stradale once in production.

“At the moment, we’re stable enough and we do have the right basis. The main point is to make sure that when we do it, we are credible, are sustainable and don’t just throw something on the market for the sake of it,” Guzzafame said.

Alfa Romeo’s EV road map

Before the debut of the 4E/Spider though, emphasis will be placed on the entry-level SUV positioned below the Tonale that will ride on the same platform as the Jeep Avenger.

Known internally as the Kid, the newcomer had been expected to wear the Brennero nameplate, which Alfa Romeo subsequently dropped in favour of having the nomenclature decided on by way of a public vote.

Once out, it, together with the Tonale, will become eventually become electric and serve as preview for the next generation Giulia and Stelvio due for apparent unveiling in 2026 or 2027.

Despite its reveal still being five years away, don’t be surprised if rumours and speculation pertaining to the 4E/Spider do emerge throughout the course of the next 24 to 36 months.

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